Friday, April 2, 2010

Real World Economics

In the real world, the actual unemployment rate is around 30% if we include people who are working at jobs that cannot pay their bills or meet their basic needs without them incurring more debt. If we include all those people who are simply clinging to another week, another day, another month, always in default and barely subsisting between paychecks, the real unemployment rate is around 50% in America, which is probably a 48% increase since the year 2001.

The frog got boiled slowly. But it got boiled.

Things will not continue this way indefinitely.

Watch and see, something will crack soon. They can't go on this way. All the nervous smiles and cold beads of sweat on brows are there for a reason. Reality usually returns with a vengeance in nations that drift this far away from sanity internally.

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Anonymous said...

With the cancellation of Apollo program, with which generations of Americans grew up dreaming and feeling it part of their national heritage, in order to fund failed socialist healthcare, Florida will become a State made mostly of ghost towns. Obama isn't only destroying the economy, but he wants to destroy America's heart and spirit.