Saturday, April 17, 2010

Planet Laughs Heartily At Pathetic Deranged Manboons Scampering About On Surface

If this planet was to sneeze, 95% of all the hominids on it would die swiftly and quietly without so much as proper burial.

People have no concept of how Monty-Pythonesque they sound when they fret they might "destroy" the planet. They're worried about it.

It is not the planet that should be packing it's bags. It is chimpmanzees and their civilization who are being served their walking papers. The planet is going to be just fine. This planet (or our Sun) shrugs, everything on it dies screaming in nothing flat. Not a single talking head on televitz will ever be able to change that.

These apes believe they are so in control of the environment they can threaten the continued existence of this mighty antediluvian quondam which has seen billions of species come and go upon it's surface for ancient endless cycles of existence back into the hoariest antiquity. They can't even control themselves and they believe they can threaten this planet. The only thing they can threaten is their own existence, not that of the Earth.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the only thing I deduced about the last few years concerning Global Warming is that: if you know how to flip a coin, you can be a scientist too..