Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Leak In The Facade

Look at what Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is working on secretly behind closed doors.

All in the interests of promoting human health, of course. That's why you engineer deadly AID-like Lentoviruses. To study how to cure them. Of course, they wouldn't exist unless you had first made them. Nevertheless. It all evens out. Nothing to see here sheeple. Keep moving along. Drink your diet coke and eat your burger. It all evens out.

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Andrew said...

A grave waste of life, labor and knowledge - but then what kind of simpleton volunteers to play guinea pig for 30 pieces of silver.

I can only begin to wonder what goes through the minds of the people that both invent and enact this stuff - do they truly have no morality?

The one saving grace is that by living a clean modest lifestyle - avoiding smoking + drugs + prepackaged food + promiscuous sex - you can avoid the bulk of the ill effects.

Ironically the powers that be certainly like to target their own kind.