Friday, April 23, 2010

Kwanzanians Are Earth's Dumbest Race Of Men

Seriously, these people make Somalians look like rocket scientists in comparison.

They really think this is cutting edge stuff.

Only a child could have been fooled on 9-11 by the government story. Or an adult with the mind of a child.

Most people don't understand just how far the general population has slipped in the past three generations. Mike Judge's movie IDIOCRACY was too accurate to be released in the theaters.

Nature is working on a cure for this kind of moron. It's time tested and live trialed and has never failed to do the job every single instance it has been deployed. The cold kills idiots dead. Fact.


j said...

It's not stupidity, in my estimation. I've met some very bright people who are offended and indignant when you tell them that Building 7 fell at free-fall speed into it's footprint after contained fires burned for a few hours on a couple floors. They know that's impossible, and they know we didn't find a terrorist's passport in the rubble of the WTC, and they know NORAD didn't stand down for an hour voluntarily, and they know Atta didn't write a suicide note laying out the whole evil plan and then try to take it with him onto the plane, only to lose his baggage in handling. They know that's all baloney, but they believe it utterly; it's classic doublethink. Didn't Orwell say that real doublethink actually takes a significant degree of intelligence?

The united media front has waged a massive propaganda campaign to make it socially unacceptable to question this. Humans are innately terrified of being socially unacceptable. I think you judge them too harshly; they're victims of psychological warfare.

andyboots37 said...

J makes a great point.

The powers that be know how to psychologically exploit the masses.

They know man's greatest need is for unconditional love and acceptance and he's terrified of not receiving or losing it.

The truth is, humanity can't give it to them anyways because it's conditional and fleeting.

Only spiritual regeneration can meet this need.

Enter the Cross of Jesus Christ and his unspeakable gift of righteousness. 2 Cor 5:21