Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kwanzania Is A Doomed Nation

I laugh at people who claim they've "really woken up this time" and they now realize "things were much worse than they seemed." They promise they "won't be falling asleep again" and that this time "they are really serious."

I laugh at them. I laugh at their protests that they know what they have to do to get their country back.

They don't know anything about anything. They don't even know what they don't know.

The time for last stands was twenty years ago.

Where Kwanzania is going, there ain't no coming back from.

As you can see at the link above, the average Kwanzanian is on par with a retarded child fit to be institutionalized. They can barely spell (or think) beyond the level of a second or third grader. They are not actually complete human beings in the sense of what it takes to qualify as citizens of a free Republic.

They claim they "want their country back." What can you say about a bunch of people who didn't even notice it was missing until it had been gone for 20 or 30 years? The Tea Party is a weak, ineffectual and compromised clown parade that is marching itself right into the nearest FEMA camp. Tea Party rallies are a great opportunity for the government to record names, addresses and take photos to plan out seating on cattle cars in advance to maximize transfer efficiency.


Anonymous said...

The Tea Party movement is just a GOP tool to get the voters back to their party.


Anonymous said...

"I laugh at their protests that they know what they have to do to get their country back."

Immigration serves the jews into creating a Marxist political majority. In the old days, the "model immigrants" (like the Chinese, Japanese) used to voted Republican but they figured that they could vote themselves free stuff by latching on to the identity politics of the Democrats.

The jews really pushed hard in the 1990s for gun control, but this created a backlash. Even with Obama elected, they're holding back their extreme anti-gun agenda because they don't want to repeat the same thing that occurred in the 1990s (they will try again once the gun gowners can be voted out, outright). It's very hard to disarm 150 million Americans. However badly-interpreted the 2nd amendment may be today, those "dead european white males" who wrote the US Constitution and Bill of Rights put in the ultimate 'check-and-balance' against technocratic tyranny.

I debated Bush-bots until I was blue in the face, arguing that the Patriot Act would be used to punish conservative groups once the Democrats are elected. They were living completely for the present without any thoughts to the obvious consequences for the future, settling for government-sanctioned "2 minutes of hate" against Muslims (who coincidentally, are enemies of the jews). These types hated Ron Paul for being 'soft on terrorism'. The FBI raid on the Hutaree is an example of what leftists will do to use the full force of the government against dissident groups they don't like.

Where was the tea party when the Patriot Act was implemented? They have no credibility whatsoever.

Andrew said...

I'd have to agree Cleve.

The nazi's were fanatical about holding the private details of their people over 60 years ago.

Race, sex, political leaning, hobbies, etc - intimidation and paper punchcards back then - "social networking" and "popular movements" now - quite the trick to get people to submit voluntarily.

The IQ drop case is an interesting one - do you believe that people are any less naive? After all, the previous generations fell for all the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

As for the pictures - quite amusing - 1984's butchering of the english language in action! :D

Anonymous said...

So.. The movie idiocracy is actually a documentary!

God I can't wait to see the world burn...

j said...

Man, those signs are depressing and embarrassing. Is it fluoride in the water? Mercury in the vaccines? The degradation of the public school system? Why is everyone so stupid?

Anonymous said...

I don't know... Something might happen with the Tea Party.

They are almost all White people and the Leftist media is calling them racists more and more. Recently they were heard to be chanting "We want our country back"
and now the radical Left, are going to start violently crashing their rallies, in an attempt to destroy their movement.

The one thing I know is if you bully people and call them racist enough times, eventually they will believe they are racist and will turn radical.

If this occurs, things could hot up in the USA.