Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kwanzania : Festering Commie Hellhole

The 'Kwa is a hollow shell of the nation it once was and it all happened because the sheeple were told that their Constitution was a "living document."

Sociopaths and psychopaths changed the lettering on the barn to read SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. The Kwanzanians didn't notice because there are almost none left who can read.

Where the 'Kwa is going, there ain't no coming back from.


Anonymous said...

Vault-Co: do you agree with the article's praise of 'single payer' health care in other countries in Europe and Asia? You posted a few weeks ago that you were opposed to health care legislation that was passed in the US. Not trying to criticize, just trying to get a sense of your world view. Are you more offended by the fact that the new US health care reform is basically a give-away to insurance companies? (as Alex Jones states)

I live in Canada, and yes, while I do like the fact that I don't have to buy insurance to cover Doctor visits or when I go to the hospital, there is a queue/triage system. Canadians like their so-called "free" health care, but it's drastically underfunded. I severely injured my finger once, and I waited basically 5 hours in the emergency room before I could be tended to by a physician. For prescription drugs, the vast majority of people can only get coverage from their employers or from private insurers (the elderly, and those on social assistance get some coverage).

Canada is basically a compromise between the corporocracy of the US and the social democratic ideal of Europe. A lot of the things the author in the article complains about the US also occurs in Canada.

Texas Arcane said...

No. The author was a commie.

The United States already has the most over-regulated socialist health care system in human history. Medicare has bankrupted the nation and all Obama was suggesting was to make Medicare the compulsory system for everybody, with a new name.

The author of that column was correct albeit indirectly when he said that the communist health care in other Western nations was superior to the communist health care system in America.

The fix is not more communism. I take my insights where I can get'em and this guy had a few.

Anonymous said...

I live in canada too, in quebec.. Here, it's baaaad.. We are actually in two "countries" at once.. We are doubly taxed by Quebec and then Canada.. The health system here is a joke! You can spend your life in a waiting room..

I was in Switzerland (my wife is swiss) and there, the health system is immediate, you call, 10 minutes later you are there and you are taken care of, instantly..

They pay almost no taxes.. The cost of life is higher, but so are their salaries and they pay less taxes (12% a year).

In Quebec, you pay 40-45% of taxes AND you are overtaxed with TVQ and TPS to pay on every products you buy..

Oh and the roads here are a laughing matter.. There are pot holes everywhere, the structures here are not taken care of, it's not unusual to read in the news that another bridge fell on someone or a window from a skyscraper in montreal fell 20 stories on the head of some pedestrian.

I'd say, it might not be as bad as in the US, but it will be sooner or later..

I'm looking forward to move in switzerland...

How is it in Australia btw!?

Anonymous said...

All they are doing is making White tax payers pay for the so called minorities, who are getting close to 40% of the USA now. Don't forget in the USA, 50% of the population only pay 3% of the tax. And guess who makes up most of that 50%?

Personally I think a socialist style health care system can work in a 100% White country, where everyone pays in, but it can't work in a multicultural cess pit like America.

This is just one more nail in the coffin.

Texas Arcane said...

Surprisingly good in Australia, praise God.

Please don't tell anybody, we're scared half the planet would come here on an invasion flotilla if they appraised the situation correctly.