Monday, April 26, 2010

Even Michael Mann Concedes ITZ COMING

You know when the high priest of globowarmthinkery admits the natural world appears to have moved against us, there would have to be some serious crap in the pipeline coming to finish off the wreckage of our societies in the West.

I feel privileged to live in this era because I have experienced the principles of Oswald Spengler, Lewis Mumford and Edward Gibbons firsthand when it comes to observing the erosion of a declining civilization.

One thing I've seen with my naked eye is that whatever the "flashpoint" may be ... a change in the climate, a war with a new challenger to their hegemony or an internal revolt or civil war ... it isn't really these factors that cause the civilization to collapse. It's the fact the entire structure was rotten and decayed past the point of salvaging to begin with.

It's like if someone bumped a little shack in the woods with their car bumper and suddenly the shack disintegrated into a pile of sawdust. It would not be the car bumper that ruined the shack. A normal shack would be able to stand up to a ding by a car grazing it. The shack fell apart because termites have eaten it up so badly over the past thirty years that there was only a fragile frame left standing to begin with.

The coming climate change and worldwide war are not to be blamed for what is about to happen to our civilization. It's just a mercy killing to finish it off. The truth is our civilization died long, long ago. Right around the year I was born it started to fade away, shortly after they shot John Kennedy. Everything in the years intervening was nothing but epilogue.

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