Thursday, April 29, 2010

Britain = Soviet Russia With Croissants

Britain is one of the worst communist toilets on Earth. I wouldn't kennel a dog there and most dogs would rather be shot than kenneled there.

Britain is a failed state on so many different levels it is hard to quantify them all. That task will be left to future historians to document just how hard it fell from world empire to socialist latrine in less than a hundred years.

Britain smells funny. The current generation of British people look like somebody squeezed their heads shortly after they were born. On those rare occasions they are sober, they might pause to contemplate the sheer tragedy of all that they have lost.

EDIT :Empire Of The Sodomites


Rowan said...

This dog has decided to flee. I know I said I was going to stay in Britain but when it comes down to it I just can't bring myself to pay taxes. I'm going to apply for a working holiday visa for Australia and try to find a company to sponsor me for a better visa.

I don't mind picking fruit for 12 hours a day in 40 degree heat, it's preferable to living in an insane asylum. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

Alexander von Supertramp said...

The Brits lease their little arsenal of Trident missiles from the US. The subs which carry them are falling apart and would cost 100 billion pounds to replace. With their economy in tatters they've decided to just give up their nukes. Meanwhile South America is booming. Perhaps the Argentine will one day invade the British home islands instead of pissing around with the Falklands.

Anonymous said...

People should note that Jack Straw is a Jew. He was also the Minister for Immigration, when millions of Arabs were let into the UK.

Of course people will call me a NaziWHoWantsToKill6MillionJews, for pointing this out. But hey, I can't help noticing patterns. They are everywhere.

That accursed Monster Truck said...

Rowan, you're damn right. Australia is far from perfect, but it's a place where you can still make a bloody good go of it if you want to. Let us know when you've landed. And good luck :)

Anonymous said...

cuckoo cuckoo

Anonymous said...

Something here cries out for explanation.

People here tend to say that Britain *became* a communist hellhole.

Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't Britain been a virtually communist country when Clement Attlee became Prime Minister? You know, the man who undertook a near complete takeover of the British economy, created an elaborate welfare system through which the state took charge of your very life from birth to death, and started pushing for Fabian policies of social engineering?

The work of Brown and Blair seems relatively mild compared to what Attlee did - at most, they merely continue what he started, no?

Anonymous said...

Rowan,I'm glad you're getting out.

England-that-was is finished.I read this article just now and it's all over.

I now know what that last German recon pilot felt like when he flew over Stalingrad and radiod back."All firing has ceased"
Rowan,please tell everyone you know to get out NOW !!
Chris from Sydney

Rowan said...

Thanks for Truck's and Chris's comments. I'll be leaving in 6 weeks if everything goes to plan.

Half of the people I know are leaving. Most of these are Engineering graduates. Canada, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand and China are just some of the places mentioned. There's a very strange atmosphere here, but I don't quite understand it.