Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back On The Crack

Brother be 'illin. A long draw on a short pipe will fix him right up. Jibberin' and a jabberin' like he's two rocks down from a contact high. Get this brother some crack quickly before he flips out.

I've seen thousands of people like this in New York City. A couple months on crack and a person loses the ability to even answer a simple yes or no question. Everything takes a month to explain. They never do seem to reach a conclusion when they are talking. Barack Obama, leader of the "free" world and the occupant of the highest office on the planet, is a crackhead. He'll always be a crackhead and trying to lay off the pipe a few months does not reverse the damage he did to himself smoking crack.

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Anonymous said...

Tex, you are correct, Obummer is a Heroine addict.