Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 : Smurfs And Rainbow Ponies Fail To Make An Appearance As Scheduled

Ten years ago they promised us all the globalist socialist utopia would deliver us into an earthly paradise.

Ten years ago, Vault-Co said the future wasn't going to be like that at all.

We said it would be a mindshattering apocalyptic horrorshow where man's better angels had given way to what Rudyard Kipling called The Gods of the Copybooks.

Everybody knows what this is, nobody will say it out loud

Who was correct? It's one decade later and let's look objectively at our world.

Why would this be secret?

Are they putting pinatas filled with candy up there in orbit? To detonate and shower the Smurf village with treats when the time comes?

It's to shower a rainbow over the nations of our opponents. That's what it would be for.

If you believe that, you go outside and wait with your bowl for that rainbow stew to start falling out of the sky just like the world mass media promised us ten years ago.

The rest of you need to pack it.

P.S. For those of you who were unable to guess, this is automated resupply for platforms that have already been up there a long time. They want to cut out the human pilots and just shuttle them back and forth by automated control.


Anonymous said...

...and the following for America's domestic enemies of the state. Imagine the last thing you hear being the sound of this thing. All it needs is some sort of weapons system.

Anonymous said...

unmanned vehicles to re supply stations that already exist up in space.

The Kwa launches at least 160 unmanned rockets per year. I'll bet that not all are "unmanned" .

interesting links as usual.