Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WW3 : To Make The Earth A Dresden

This article is one of the few I have read in recent years that hints at the scope of the next major conflict and the inhumanity of soldiers attacking civilian populations. In this context, "war" is not war any longer, soldiers are not soldiers and the long arc of human history is revealed to end in a slaughterhouse that extends across the planet.

Nietszche said the good war heralds any cause. Truer words never spoken. The purpose of war is not to kill the enemy. It's ultimately just to kill, period. The perfection of the history of war is found in situations where the killing no longer requires any justification and no longer has the pretext of targeting military objectives at all. If we consider that the root of all military objectives was to remove the obstacles to killing civilians, then this would seem to be the end of military history when the remote controlled drone is deployed. With these innovations the beast inside mankind is liberated to just sit in front of a monitor playing one of the most interesting video games of them all - blowing people up and cutting them to ribbons with gunfire. It doesn't matter if they can't shoot back. That was never anything but an impediment to the practice.

I believe that this kind of loss of limits, this unfurling of all sane guideposts, will prove to be the last stage of the decline of the West that leads to unrestrained global thermonuclear war.


Anonymous said...

Not to kill everyone now, but kill even the unborn future generations by contaminating their air and land.

1 of 3 Iraqi children are born deformed because of weapons used by Amerikwans:

Amerikwa deserves to be leveled to the ground. Hopefully this will happen soon. Personally I see the American leadership of the last 20 years infinitely more evil than the Nazis or Stalin.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dresden was the ultimate tragedy of WWII. The final note on the depravity and cowardly, malicious nature of the allied forces (International Bankers) against German civilian innocent men, women and children.

Anonymous said...

>Amerikwa deserves to be leveled to the ground.

Ordinary Americans deserve nothing of the sort.

The so called elite in America in the media, hollywood, politics, academia, have led that country to ruin. They should be removed from power and deported, so decent, hardworking people can rebuild their country unhindered.

America was a great country up until relatively recently and it can be that way again. All they have to do is make the necessary changes at the top so they can filter down to the bottom.

Nothing short of revolution will do it, because the parasites at the top, will fight tooth and nail to stay there.