Friday, March 26, 2010

World War III Is Coming

Ten years ago we warned you far in advance.

Anybody could draw this conclusion now. Like any truth, it has passed through three stages : ridiculed as madness, violently opposed, then considered stating the obvious.

It's what everybody knows and finally some are getting the nerve to say out loud, long after it has ceased to be radical and now quietly accepted by most thinking people - what few of them remain.

A third World War, this one eclipsing the first and second, is approaching. It will be global, thermonuclear, chemical and biological. At a certain juncture it will become wholly unrestrained and cease to pretend to target soldiers and military forces. It will become Klausewitzian and exhaust itself through the sheer fury of the campaign by destroying most of the capacity of the parties involved to retaliate any further. Only then will the madness finally grind to a halt, leaving an incredibly poisoned planet in it's wake.

We have not even mentioned the natural changes the Earth will be going through during this period, which will be unforeseen and cataclysmic. These changes alone would constitute a threat to the survival of our civilization. Combined synergistically with a thousand other coincidental developments occurring all in this same time period the results will be nothing short of apocalyptic.

This is the rose-colored glasses upbeat feelgood hit of the summer scenario, by the way. The reality is likely going to be far worse.

If you are meek in spirit and one of the children of God, you should not live in fear of what is coming, rather you should foresee this darkness approaching and take wise precautions against it. If you put your trust in Christ you will find the strength to do all sorts of things you might otherwise be overwhelmed by. Your simple trust that your steps are being guided by God and an earnest desire to take prudent and shrewd action to prepare for these things will give you the strength and desire needed to act. The fool trusts in his own wisdom and his own abilities but these kinds of men quake and fail when really dark times arrive. Nothing shores up a man inside against any eventuality like a sincere faith in God. That's why we have a section of our brains dedicated to these kinds of ideas and faith - it has served human beings well in the past time and time again.


Anonymous said...

US troops didn't just invade Somalia; North Korea just went to war against South Korea RIGHT NOW, and sunk a South Korean ship, while a South Korean ship was also detected firing at a ship near the North Korean border.

Anonymous said...

Woolworths (Australia) is recalling all 1kg packs off "Homebrand" rice dur to contemination with metal filings.Daily Telegraph,March 27 page 18.

Return product for a refund.

Chris from Sydney

carl said...

Well with the recent situation with the South Korean ship and the saber rattling by the West and Israel towards Iran, we might get the conflict we've all dreaded....

I do like your Blog your more of a pessimist than I am......