Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vault-OS : Now With CueCat Support!!!!!

I got my $3 cuecat plugged into the PS/2 port on my little Aeon PII 133 Mhz machine and have it automatically serving it up into a Powerbasic Form you can use to scan a barcode on inventory with and then use either locally or transmit out onto Ethernet.

This is envisioned working like this - a little "Sentry" sits in the inventory storage with a CueCat device connected to it. Somebody in another room at the comms desk searches inventory and determines that today in order to prepare a meal, we will need barrel #314456 and #765498 for the mess hall. This request is transmitted over the Ethernet as an IPX packet and is retrieved by the inventory machine. The person working in inventory waves the CueCat around a little (extension cord for the CueCat will work up to 3 meters or so) over a couple barrels that look right. A beep signals a correct match on a barcoded label using Code-128 and the CueCat flashes. The matched barrel changes color in the barcode monitor screen to indicate it has been found and is being brought to the mess for tonight's meals. The appropriate deductions can now be done from the inventory manager pending return to storage by also using a barcode to check them in, keeping things constantly up to date. This permits the caloric and nutritional manager to correctly track total stocks of food and show which kinds of food are needed or required to restock. This includes vitamins and minerals.

Note that with DESQView-X installed on the server, it would be possible for another machine to simply remote into the application or view the match by VNC while it is happening.

I have all the indicators for IPX, IC2, Ethernet and DOS SHARE working as well as a DESQView-X flag on the status bar of Vault-OS X86 so it will be possible to prompt the user to remote the barcode scanning at the time.

Because the CueCat is so cheap it should put Barcode scanning into anyone's reach for their inventory and storage. The labels can also be printed off the serial port printer if it is available. All this will be covered in detail in the book on Vault-OS so anyone can install and configure a CueCat.


Adam said...

I can't wait for this book!

Anonymous said...

Many flavors of awesome. Screenshots please as soon as you can.

Rowan said...

Have you seen the ridicules 2009 film '2012'? This article reminds me of it. A 7.2 aftershock strikes Chile while the new president is being sworn in.