Monday, March 1, 2010

Things Are Going To Change Around Here

The elites are the last to know. They soon will. Pity their "god" didn't seem to take the time to issue them a warning. Maybe their "god" doesn't care as much about them as my God does me.

The elites wasted a lot of time and resources promoting globalwarmthinkery, which goes to show how incompetent they are at leadership of any civilization. There's another thing they stink at. All that money and capital right before another Ice Age arrived. They'd be funny if they weren't so utterly destructive.

Half the buildings in New York City are going to collapse under the weight of snow during the next couple of winters if they continue as they are now. Most of them built in the past fifty years are about as strong as the Pal-Lock system.

Give it up already, it's over. Globowarmthinkery is exposed and a dead issue.

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Anonymous said...

Globalwarmthinkers = Scaremongers driving people to insanity, no better than "gotta get those terrorists" chickenhawks.