Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Planet Coming Apart Underfoot

Katla in Iceland may go soon if the other thirty or so supervolcanos that have suddenly become active don't blow first, with severe consequences for everybody on Earth. They'll have to hurry up to beat all the other geological houses of cards everywhere we look like La Palma. This has happened far more often than the sheeple realize but we are heading into the breech of planetary changes in the near future that will make these events pale by contrast.

... but the Lord still hasn't lost his sense of humor.


Rowan said...

So I have a few gas masks... If the planet could hold on a couple more years I could be ready come what may. I'd like a vault like this one, with tile flooring. Check out the rest of the pictures. Vault construction is big business, I'm surprised you haven't got into it Tex, you could pick and choose your customers.

j said...

Apparently, the story about the global-warming activist freezing is false.

A case of 'too good to be true.'

snowyman said...

Appears the humour was a satirical piece written by in 2006. I wish it had been true

Anonymous said...

That article about the globowarmers freezing to death was an April Fool's prank, a day early for some reason.