Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Parliament of Owls

Sorcha Faal. Won't hurt you to read it. Some interesting things in there.

Birds can visualize the Earth's magnetic field around them in 3-D space. It is reasonable to assume they would be the first creatures to sense a disturbance in it and they might flee to a position on the surface where the field seemed stable ... possibly the same reason someone once chose to build a pyramid on that spot?

Nocturnal creatures are always smarter than diurnal critters.

Owls have been thought mystical harbingers of death by the Romans and were considered to be outside of the flow of time by Cherokees. The Irish felt they were prophetic birds who could see into the future before it happened.


Anonymous said...

A film you might like to watch when it is released.

Anonymous said...

superstitous gibberish :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it is good to look at things from different angles.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex,
Thought you might enjoy this video:

Nationalists in Perth are physically attacked by Marxist for suggesting that Perth's water shortage problems might be solved by halting immigration.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a legend about all the crows flying away from the tower of London before the downfall of England (or monarchy)?The crows there have their wings clipped.

Chris from Sydney

Anonymous said...

Any comment on this article?

Anonymous said...

Core Anyone?

Rob said...

Sorcha Faal - almost every article includes stuff they made up