Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moscow Metro hit by deadly suicide bombings

No group has claimed responsibility.

Whoever it is, they must be coordinating their efforts with Israel and the U.S., in order to close down the supply lines through the Caspian that might be used to support Iran in the event of an unprovoked attack by either nation on it. Good of the "muslim" terrorists to support U.S. military strategy this way.

It's all a coincidence. Everything is you see, coincidentally. It's like overcharging you at the supermarket with digital "mistakes." It always seems to work out better for the supermarket, not you. Sort of defying the random spread there it appears.

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Solsys said...

"It's all a coincidence"

Have you seen the movie "Hot Fuzz", Vault-Co ?

I guarantee you'll like it !