Tuesday, March 30, 2010

John Galt Recommends You Get Out Now

The country is gone. There's nothing left.

Read the comments.

Socialized health care was the last straw, but what really broke the camel's back was approving abortions out to 40 weeks. This was tantamount to signing your own death warrant.

Vault-Co predicts Civil War in the United States. This year. By this time next year the country will have begun to split up altogether.


Anonymous said...

Things are certainly hotting up over there.

The Minuteman Project have disbanded, because their members are getting too angry to control.

And now the highest ranked military officer so far, is refusing to obey orders until Obama proves his eligibility.

If Obama is forced to step down, I think the USA will tear itself apart.

It will be Traditionalists and Founders vs Commies, Marxists, minorities and illegals.

Anonymous said...

Civil War 2.0 this year. THIS year?

That's a bold prediction Tex.

Hope you're wrong.