Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Devil You Know

I've been getting a lot of private emails over the past couple of months asking me if I know who is behind the media campaign to expose the Catholic Church - and how I'm playing right into their hands by reprinting links to these articles.

I was raised Catholic. I'm a Christian now instead.

I mean it when I say I'm ready to kiss the Catholics goodbye -- forever. I hope they get sued out of pocket and cease to exist. At the very least they should be treated as an organized criminal conspiracy that deals in the sexual traffic of children.

You see, here at the start of the 21st century I find myself in a weird predicament.

I'm surrounded by bastards. All of them are pointing at one another and telling me they are my friends but that other guy over there is an even worse bastard than they are. They're all telling me I'm safer with the Devil I know. After all, they say, who will organize for your interests if you start tearing down your primary institutions?

I say, we ditch all these bastards and seek new institutions to replace them. I don't think the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I think he's my enemy as well as everybody else's enemy. I am not interested in this psychopath good cop/bad cop dichotomy. I say they are all our enemies. The organized media is hitting the Catholic Church hard. I know this. I like it. I hope after they destroy the Catholics, some other psychopath then destroys them in turn. I might just stand here and watch while they all bump each other off. When it is over, we'll bump off the last psychopath remaining and look forward to a better world. In the meantime, anybody who is gunning for baby rapists is free to takeoff on my runway. I support them right up to the moment when their plane crashes and burns as well, the way any vehicle piloted by psychopaths tends to do.

Watch'em self-destruct, it's better than a matinee with popcorn

At the end of the day, these are the truest words you have ever heard, Vault Dwellers ...

We are surrounded by psychopath bastards. None of them is on our side. Not a one of them. They're all children of the Devil. Don't let them run their good cop/bad cop game on you. With any luck they will all soon be sucking on nukes. That'll be a champagne day for sure.

Rope-A-Dope With The Pope

Eco-Gestapo In Last Desperate Attempt To Drop The Green Jackboot On The Throat of Mankind

Monstrously evil children of Satan. These people make the Naxis look like errant Boy Scouts in comparison.

Luciferian doctrine is the anti-life anti-genesis teaching glorifying death and self-immolation. Teaching that people are a disease that must be eradicated as a plague on this planet could have come directly from the lips of Lucifer himself at the outset of his rebellion in Genesis.

This crap is wrapped in just enough junk science for these idiots to pass it out their mouth with a good conscience. The motivation is hatred of mankind, not a concern for "the planet." That's gibberish and religious nuts of all flavors have used equivalent excuses to act out their aggressions on their fellow man for thousands of years as an exercise in their own vanity.

"Not only am I the good one, it may be necessary for me to kill all the others, because my motives are pure and unsullied. No mere psychotic, me. I do these things in the name of justice and truth, not out of my own rage and inhuman viciousness. It makes me sad that I have to exterminate all the human race to achieve a great good."

The madhouses have overflowed with identical sentiments from all manner of lunatics for thousands of years. If you wanted to avoid a strait jacket, you just wrap these exact same ideas in some eco-babble. Bingo, a loophole that exempts you from traditional moral codes like that pesky Ten Commandments. "This is an extraordinary situation and I can't be bound by mere mortal appraisals of right and wrong."

All these people are the same old nuts but in new pretentious flavors. Eco-warrior and pseudo-Marxist. Now I can conduct my anal impalings and beheadings of children with a clean conscience, because my motives are purely altruistic, you see.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Planet Coming Apart Underfoot

Katla in Iceland may go soon if the other thirty or so supervolcanos that have suddenly become active don't blow first, with severe consequences for everybody on Earth. They'll have to hurry up to beat all the other geological houses of cards everywhere we look like La Palma. This has happened far more often than the sheeple realize but we are heading into the breech of planetary changes in the near future that will make these events pale by contrast.

... but the Lord still hasn't lost his sense of humor.

John Galt Recommends You Get Out Now

The country is gone. There's nothing left.

Read the comments.

Socialized health care was the last straw, but what really broke the camel's back was approving abortions out to 40 weeks. This was tantamount to signing your own death warrant.

Vault-Co predicts Civil War in the United States. This year. By this time next year the country will have begun to split up altogether.

Moscow Metro hit by deadly suicide bombings

No group has claimed responsibility.

Whoever it is, they must be coordinating their efforts with Israel and the U.S., in order to close down the supply lines through the Caspian that might be used to support Iran in the event of an unprovoked attack by either nation on it. Good of the "muslim" terrorists to support U.S. military strategy this way.

It's all a coincidence. Everything is you see, coincidentally. It's like overcharging you at the supermarket with digital "mistakes." It always seems to work out better for the supermarket, not you. Sort of defying the random spread there it appears.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Night And Good Riddance

Man is not a learning animal.

The orthodoxy is where the lowest quality people go to gain credibility.

The consensus is a trustworthy compass needle to always point you in the opposite direction of the truth.

The strongest argument I can muster against any idea is that a lot of people agree it's true. This alone makes it suspect.

The problem is not that God made man so imperfect, it's that he made him so oblivious to it.

Wherever several people concur that common sense dictates it is so, you can be assured that uncommon sense can demonstrate it false with ease.

This entire planet looks like an amateur whorehouse with a one-eyed, hunchbacked chimpanzee with Tourette's Syndrome answering the phones at the front desk.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Death Watch For The Kwanstain

Now comes the fall of the final curtain.

Paul Craig Roberts Says Good Night

Excellent summary.

The past fifty years was nothing but one big bubble. A huge Ponzi scheme built on delusions and gibberish.

The truth is, as Jerry Manders once said, is that the Great Depression never really ended.

Friday, March 26, 2010

World War III Is Coming

Ten years ago we warned you far in advance.

Anybody could draw this conclusion now. Like any truth, it has passed through three stages : ridiculed as madness, violently opposed, then considered stating the obvious.

It's what everybody knows and finally some are getting the nerve to say out loud, long after it has ceased to be radical and now quietly accepted by most thinking people - what few of them remain.

A third World War, this one eclipsing the first and second, is approaching. It will be global, thermonuclear, chemical and biological. At a certain juncture it will become wholly unrestrained and cease to pretend to target soldiers and military forces. It will become Klausewitzian and exhaust itself through the sheer fury of the campaign by destroying most of the capacity of the parties involved to retaliate any further. Only then will the madness finally grind to a halt, leaving an incredibly poisoned planet in it's wake.

We have not even mentioned the natural changes the Earth will be going through during this period, which will be unforeseen and cataclysmic. These changes alone would constitute a threat to the survival of our civilization. Combined synergistically with a thousand other coincidental developments occurring all in this same time period the results will be nothing short of apocalyptic.

This is the rose-colored glasses upbeat feelgood hit of the summer scenario, by the way. The reality is likely going to be far worse.

If you are meek in spirit and one of the children of God, you should not live in fear of what is coming, rather you should foresee this darkness approaching and take wise precautions against it. If you put your trust in Christ you will find the strength to do all sorts of things you might otherwise be overwhelmed by. Your simple trust that your steps are being guided by God and an earnest desire to take prudent and shrewd action to prepare for these things will give you the strength and desire needed to act. The fool trusts in his own wisdom and his own abilities but these kinds of men quake and fail when really dark times arrive. Nothing shores up a man inside against any eventuality like a sincere faith in God. That's why we have a section of our brains dedicated to these kinds of ideas and faith - it has served human beings well in the past time and time again.

Only ONE Out of About FIFTY SuperVolcanos That Suddenly Became Active In the Past Ten Years


Defector at the IPCC says grab the teenage snow hos, shotguns and canned food and run for the mountains, we're entering a new Ice Age. Vault-Co sighs deeply as billions now plagiarize our memes, aphorisms, copyrighted brand slogans and general paradigms.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vault-OS : SBcard input for DRSB-88, CDV-700!!!

Major breakthrough with the soundcard in graphing geiger counter hits and displaying oscilloscope trace in 640x400x256 XMode in DOS.

The final code was so simple it boggles the mind. All you really have to do is monitor the right audio byte 0-255 with INP once you get the soundcard address correct. I am still wrestling with the right metrics to apply to the incoming waveform given the input source but the hard part of the solution was discovered. I am using the CDVCounter for Windows source code as my guide in correctly displaying the approximate radiation levels in DOS.

Any Soundblaster-16 compatible sound card or SBC chip will work with this thing. It's so elegant and pristine in that it replaces around $500.00 of hardware that would normally be used for a PC interfaced geiger counter with around $20 worth of hardware. Can you beat it? I have been thinking that this could be tweaked to work with any geiger counter on the planet with audio output if the user is permitted to create and save configuration files of his own.

This little loop was the seedcorn of a mighty oak that has grown into the Vault-OS radiation monitoring screen:

CONST xMax = 640 'Change for other screen modes

CONST BaseAddr = &H220 'Change if your sound card uses another base address

CONST CommAddr = BaseAddr + &HC
CONST DataAddr = BaseAddr + &HA

DIM Byte(xMax)
SCREEN ScreenMode
OUT CommAddr, &H20 'Give command to sample a byte
PRESET (i, Byte(i))
Byte(i) = INP(DataAddr) 'Read value from data port
PSET (i, Byte(i))
i = (i + 1) MOD xMax 'Wrap i when end is reached
FOR qq = 0 TO 1000


You should see what it looks like when I got supersmooth Mode-X screen scrolling going for the waveform. It would bring tears to your eyes.

The DOS version of Vault-OS is kicking so much ass I can't sit down after working on it. It is the best and most useful computer software I have written in my entire life. It will actually be possible to run your entire shelter off a single x86 computer with a storage device of some kind. I've only been working on this piece of crap off and on for ten years now. It is starting to shape up.

Screenshots, a new site and a possible version 0.7 will be available very soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kwanzania : Just Another Socialist Sewer

Done and done. Railroaded through the Senate with legalism against the wishes of the voters like all similar legislation over the past century in the failed marxist regime that is the 'Kwa.

If the Founding Fathers were alive to see this today, they would reprogram every ICBM in the country for their own coordinates and launch a hot reset on the entire nation to restore all defaults.

234 Years. Around the average for any civilization. They had a good run of it, left their mark in history. It's a sad, wretched wreck now. Everything that happens after this is just epilogue. It's formally a former Republic as of today.

The belief that the government can do anything other than adjudicate disputes, regulate commerce between the States and protect the nation from invasion is a fantastic, creepy mythology that excels any of the religions of the world in term of sheer idiocy. It's a twisted, weird notion driven by primitive, subverbal impulses that have nothing to do with reasoning or rational thought. It's a product of "social proofs" divorced from any clinical understanding of the way the world actually works. This stage denotes the final era of collapse in any civilization in which it appears - the citizens discover they can vote themselves largesse from the treasury. Man is not a learning animal.

America was founded and given it's political structure by people with very severe Asperger's Autism. Neurotypicals are not only incapable of improving on their design, they are incapable of even understanding it. Worst of all, they are not even conscious when wrecking it. This is why civilizations decline and fade away.

“Well, Doctor, what have we got — a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, for as long as you can keep it.”

- Attributed to BENJAMIN FRANKLIN at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation—in the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vault-OS : More On The Amazing CueCat Reader

At various times I've purchased at least four barcode readers, including one of them I had to interface with using a BASIC Stamp to even get it working.

The CueCat is far and above the cheapest barcoder device I have ever bought ($12 + P&H) in terms of bang for the buck. It reads and parses more than 40+ different types of barcodes, in particular really weird but useful ones like ISBNs for books. Integration into the DOS version of Vault-OS is extremely easy - it plugs into the PS2 cable for the keyboard.

It recognizes and parses barcodes on canned food, cereal, all sorts of foodstuffs, most retail products, any literature and even catalog codes for library classification systems.

Best of all it exhibits no drain on the resources or processing time. Right now Vault-OS in DOS has an ISAM driver running, an I2C TSR from Dallas One-Wire, a serial VFD display, serial printer and a parallel port relay board connected so it is a terrific way to conserve ports by integrating the barcode reader into the existing PS/2 cable.

At present Vault-OS prints off barcode labels for Code 128 and Code 39 because those are the easiest codes to send to the serial printer. I am trying to think of a way to make printer outputs of barcodes more generic and configurable. I will think of something. Could allow the user to specify the sorts of ASCII they want to send to the defined port for the label printer. Some people might want to print the labels off in Windows or their own operating system and just use Vault-OS to recognize them in the shelter after deployment.

P.S. I was on the verge of committing ritual suicide because I could not figure out how to access COM3: and COM4: on my embedded SBC from VB-DOS until I discovered this little tidbit :

... worked like a charm and allows first version of Vault-OS to access additional COM ports for use of interesting peripherals like serial display and printer.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Globowarmthinkery Blows Up Like A Klown Cigar

Anybody associated with it, advocating it or promoting it will be suspect for the rest of their adult lives. They have demonstrated they are not trustworthy people. They have demonstrated they are not honest people. They have demonstrated they are not sane people. They are discredited for whatever remains of their vulgar, banal and pathetic lives.

You don't just walk away from a lie of that magnitude. You don't just disown it one morning or claim you were not part of it. A lie of that size leaves you damaged goods, forever.

Nuclear Weapons : Just Another Tool In WW3

I read about this kind of proliferation nightmare over 40 years ago in the Sunday Supplements. They were part of an imagined future in which a war would be fought with nuclear weapons in place of conventional artillery. This was considered the most horrific future the writers could imagine.

Now imagine that each and every warhead used in WW3 is salted with cobalt-60 to maximize the dirty yield. Imagine that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Environmentalism Is A Scam

It's a racket. A tool designed to separate rubes from their money. It's work for people who do not wish to go through the ordeal of making an honest living.

China Proves To Be Quite Capable of Collapsing Their Own Economy Without Yoshi

Something really important for gentiles to grasp is this : if there were no Jews around to take advantage of the average gentile's stupidity, it's not as if gentiles would stop being stupid. Some other opportunist force would step in to fill the gap in their place overnight. The problem isn't that some jewish people are bright enough to take advantage of gentiles (even as they often take advantage of people not as bright as they are) it's that gentiles are dumb enough to fall for the same tricks over and over again. You'd think the Indians would've learned to be a bit shrewder with whitey after he had bilked them for the millionth time on a treaty, but redskins never did appear to wise up. Gentiles aren't much better with Jews. Their real problem is that they are morons. Not that somebody somewhere takes advantage of them because of it.

It would be great if everybody was a weirdo like me who didn't feel comfortable about taking advantage of anyone, especially people less bright, but that's probably not going to happen this millennium. The truth is that the majority of all men, especially Jews, are born vulgar, nasty, deceptive and treacherous. It's not exclusively Jewish, they just excel at the same old sins displayed by all mankind. This is the reason that they are often disruptive to civilizations. They don't produce many more radicals than any other group, except for the fact that Jews are effective. Your average gentile misanthropic troublemaker couldn't organize a bowel movement. The average Jewish radical is a powerhouse who seems like a one man army in terms of the mischief they can produce.

The perspective I am talking about is acquired when you spend your life trying to solve the problems you see around you. You have not attained any wisdom until you understand the real problem is the basic nature of mankind. Like all conmen, they are easily conned themselves using their own greed, simplemindedness and collective stupidity.

Did Jews Destroy The Chinese Economy? 'Fraid not. The Chinese botched it all on their own with a series of dopey decisions motivated by consensus instead of their own reasoning power. The result is predictable and no jews were needed to wreck their own economy or get themselves into a world of trouble they can't get themselves out of.

If jewish people vanished tomorrow, somebody else would have to take their place because man is not a learning animal and always seeks to place blame on something outside of himself so he can avoid being educated by his errors. Have you ever wondered how Bernie Madoff operated for twenty years without oversight and no auditing? He did it because millions of gentiles fell asleep at the wheel. The problem isn't the Bernie Madoffs of the world, it's all the people who weren't doing their jobs.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Nutty Conspiracy Theory 100% Spot On

This H1N1 thing runs so deep and is so rotten it would take me three hours to post all the ugly details here.

Attorneys for the U.S. government have conceded in court that Fort Detrick manufactured this bug originally. They have also shrugged at charges of treason or collusion with drug companies, insisting that there is nothing illegal in creating a flu virus. They have gone on the record saying that once created it is not their responsibility to keep it out of the hands of Baxter Pharmaceuticals.

China Versus Kwanzania : ITZ COMING

Obama couldn't navigate the living room of a crack house to get to the toilet, much less the metaphorical waters of international diplomacy. He's managed to alienate nearly every single nuclear power in the world in just under 12 months. What do you expect, the Kenyans can't even stop fighting each other for a week. Putting a Kenyan in the White House is the dumbest thing the Kwanzanies have done to date.

From freedom to despotism, then onwards to final war and dissolution. The names and faces change in this sad play but the plot is always the same.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Confiscated" Police Gun Used At Pentagon

Cool story bro.

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Intuitive and self-evident.

Countdown to 2012

Quakes continue across globe without abating.

Some nations are going to suffer much worse than others, being on fragile tectonic plates to begin with. Some of them may vanish overnight.

Bankruptcy and Pauperdom for Kwanzania

Won't be long now.

Chickens coming home to roost at last.

A Strategic Stance Worthy of Wil E. Coyote

Recap of some classic statements by global village idiot Martin Crevald.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Doomsday Vault In Norway Fully Stocked

Dedicated to the proposition that no elite should go hungry following the cull and that all sheeple should serve as fertilizer. A better bulwark against inconvenience was never built. Following the herd trim, the elites will rest secure in the knowledge that the full spectrum of agricultural harvests will still be available to them afterwards.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Asylum Planet

Stablehand philosophy.

Human beings have no right to privacy because a desire for it is only an indication you have something to hide. Therefore privacy is no longer a right.

"As a social good," says Richard Posner, the federal judge and iconoclastic conservative, "I think privacy is greatly overrated because privacy basically means concealment. People conceal things in order to fool other people about them. They want to appear healthier than they are, smarter, more honest and so forth." That isn't a defense of snooping as much as a warning of the flip side of privacy--concealing facts that are discreditable, including those that other people have a legitimate reason for knowing.

I don't know who is more vulgar. The elites in the business of turning the earth into a chicken battery pen or the birds they are flushing into their respective cages.

These are ideas you would have expected to flourish during the neolithic in a small tribe of cave people. No member of the tribe can own anything or be expected to have any privacy.

The decline of the West is irreversible. Nothing can halt the downward trend. You cannot have a free society populated by slavish knaves. Who will be the advocate of freedom when the desire for it has vanished? There is only the trough and the fresh hay as a concern. The "freedom" of modern people encompasses the demands you would anticipate amongst cattle. Their "freedom" is the song of the barnyard.

Science Klowns Admit Something Apocalyptic Is Happening Then Offer Ludicrous Explanation For Cause

Something apocalyptic is happening.

Vault-Co has been posting about the acidification of the oceans for 8 years continuously.

Which do you believe to be a more likely explanation ...

1. The ocean is absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere through infusion from a low pressure system (air) into a higher pressure (water) system. When your cola goes flat, have you ever had any success in carbonating it again?

2. Deep ocean volcanos are pouring sulphuric acid and other poisons into the seas from below. If you did put the bubbles back into your coca cola, how would you expect to do it?

If you can't answer this question correctly, you shouldn't be reading this blog.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vault-OS : Now With CueCat Support!!!!!

I got my $3 cuecat plugged into the PS/2 port on my little Aeon PII 133 Mhz machine and have it automatically serving it up into a Powerbasic Form you can use to scan a barcode on inventory with and then use either locally or transmit out onto Ethernet.

This is envisioned working like this - a little "Sentry" sits in the inventory storage with a CueCat device connected to it. Somebody in another room at the comms desk searches inventory and determines that today in order to prepare a meal, we will need barrel #314456 and #765498 for the mess hall. This request is transmitted over the Ethernet as an IPX packet and is retrieved by the inventory machine. The person working in inventory waves the CueCat around a little (extension cord for the CueCat will work up to 3 meters or so) over a couple barrels that look right. A beep signals a correct match on a barcoded label using Code-128 and the CueCat flashes. The matched barrel changes color in the barcode monitor screen to indicate it has been found and is being brought to the mess for tonight's meals. The appropriate deductions can now be done from the inventory manager pending return to storage by also using a barcode to check them in, keeping things constantly up to date. This permits the caloric and nutritional manager to correctly track total stocks of food and show which kinds of food are needed or required to restock. This includes vitamins and minerals.

Note that with DESQView-X installed on the server, it would be possible for another machine to simply remote into the application or view the match by VNC while it is happening.

I have all the indicators for IPX, IC2, Ethernet and DOS SHARE working as well as a DESQView-X flag on the status bar of Vault-OS X86 so it will be possible to prompt the user to remote the barcode scanning at the time.

Because the CueCat is so cheap it should put Barcode scanning into anyone's reach for their inventory and storage. The labels can also be printed off the serial port printer if it is available. All this will be covered in detail in the book on Vault-OS so anyone can install and configure a CueCat.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Parliament of Owls

Sorcha Faal. Won't hurt you to read it. Some interesting things in there.

Birds can visualize the Earth's magnetic field around them in 3-D space. It is reasonable to assume they would be the first creatures to sense a disturbance in it and they might flee to a position on the surface where the field seemed stable ... possibly the same reason someone once chose to build a pyramid on that spot?

Nocturnal creatures are always smarter than diurnal critters.

Owls have been thought mystical harbingers of death by the Romans and were considered to be outside of the flow of time by Cherokees. The Irish felt they were prophetic birds who could see into the future before it happened.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

VAULT-OS : I2C DOS Driver Updated

I have been working with starter code I got from the old classic I2CFAQ demonstrating a BASIC code interface for I2C for approximately a year or so. This code was always a bit shonky and debugging it was 50% of my time. Was okay for a single temperature sensor, after I added a couple more I2C devices it was never really much more than experimental. I kept adding time delays and other safety checks until the code was getting utterly slow and kludgy.

It missed ACKs, skipped STOP commands and had to be forcibly reset to lower the line voltage after a glitch. Enumeration of devices with keys sometimes worked perfectly, other times required me to power down the I2C master hub and turn it back on again. It was driving me crazy. Lots of timing issues suspected.

I found the original TMEX3.10 SDK from 1998, a very rare I-Button SDK, on a Russian FTP site a couple weeks ago and had been meaning to have a look. After installing it, I found a truly complete and trustworthy I2C library with all original VBDOS code inside, easily converted to PowerBasic. This code has been integrated into VOS in place of my original hack API and already it is performing much better.

This new library is a lot more stable than my original one. In particular, the enumeration is working way better. This was very important to the functionality of Vault-OS in order to establish a kind of plug-n-play environment that would recognize new devices on the line when it boots up. I almost have the driver to the point where it will prompt you for information about an unrecognized device just like Windows does with USB peripherals.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

VAULT-OS : Simplest Possible I2C Interface DB9?

I've traditionally been using an I2C master hub for development, now I want to build the simplest, cheapest possible I2C connection imaginable for PowerBasic DOS output. I think the best design I've been able to come up with is two resistors, two zener diodes drawing +5V off the serial port (.50 cents worth of parts). This will work on machines with standard RS-232 serial, but might not function correctly on some laptops or where the device cuts corners on the DB9 port. In the post-apocalyptic environment, I don't think the design of this circuit would be difficult to replace for anybody anywhere. A dollar buys enough replacement parts for this circuit to build fifty of them. It's not even necessary to use a soldering iron, this basic circuit could be wire-wrapped.

The great thing about the serial port is all the cheap optical isolators that are available for it. I intend to provide drivers for a parallel port I2C interface but I will make the DB9 the "de facto" standard for Vault-OS so anybody can build it in ten minutes if they need to using a serial port cable.

Anybody who can point me to the best design they have seen for I2C through DB9 RS-232 is invited to drop me a link. What I have is working but is not safe until a commercial optical isolator ($20-$30) is connected between the hardware and the I2C output. It has to be EMP proof.

There are parallel port designs with optical isolation built into the circuit but trying to make LPT the Vault-OS "standard" for I2C would be a bad idea since they are getting to be pretty rare legacy ports.

My basic stance in hardware design has been to use DB9 RS-232 as the ultimate failsafe for peripheral control and to use the parallel port (when available) only for crude relay switching circuits which could be constructed from automobile relays ripped out of abandoned cars. If Vault dwellers can't scavenge up a few car relays or a couple of diodes/resistors from the wastelands I can't help them.

This is an expression of the VOS philosophy to keep the entire core system so simple it is foolproof, decentralized, independent, asynchronous and completely maintainable indefinitely.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WW3 : To Make The Earth A Dresden

This article is one of the few I have read in recent years that hints at the scope of the next major conflict and the inhumanity of soldiers attacking civilian populations. In this context, "war" is not war any longer, soldiers are not soldiers and the long arc of human history is revealed to end in a slaughterhouse that extends across the planet.

Nietszche said the good war heralds any cause. Truer words never spoken. The purpose of war is not to kill the enemy. It's ultimately just to kill, period. The perfection of the history of war is found in situations where the killing no longer requires any justification and no longer has the pretext of targeting military objectives at all. If we consider that the root of all military objectives was to remove the obstacles to killing civilians, then this would seem to be the end of military history when the remote controlled drone is deployed. With these innovations the beast inside mankind is liberated to just sit in front of a monitor playing one of the most interesting video games of them all - blowing people up and cutting them to ribbons with gunfire. It doesn't matter if they can't shoot back. That was never anything but an impediment to the practice.

I believe that this kind of loss of limits, this unfurling of all sane guideposts, will prove to be the last stage of the decline of the West that leads to unrestrained global thermonuclear war.

Aspartame : FDA Approved Genocidal Poison

They're changing the name to "AminoSweet" because even the slowest campers are starting to cotton on to "Aspartame" as something that may be bad for them.

In a sane world, there would be a biochemical Nuremberg for the monsters who put this toxic garbage in the food supply. If they had simply used strychnine, the effects would have been too immediate and too obvious. Instead they found a chemical that works more slowly but just as effectively.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Exploring An Abandoned Civil Defense Shelter

Pretty good account of a spelunking expedition into what was formerly a pretty spectacular civil defense shelter built in the 1960's in New Orleans.

Makes you feel sorry for America that such places are merely curiosities on the eve of World War Three. The 'Kwans are to be pitied.

Here is an interesting blog on the history of civil defense in North Carolina.

Fascinating exploration of a Mojave Gypsum Mine once used for civil defense.

Pay attention and marvel at all the ancient relics they find in these places that were once produced by American manufacturing. This was a constitutional republic that was entirely self-sufficient in the year (1963) I was born. They shot John Kennedy and surprise, forty years later the entire nation is just a dried-out dead husk of a country which has been siphoned dry of every single penny and left with debts so crippling they will never be paid. Kennedy was in the way and he served as an example to every President that came after him. Beware the men who would kill your king. Things do not get better afterwards when they go free. These ancient ruins testify to better times.

Most of these ruins exist because of the strong drive by President Kennedy to introduce a substantial, nationwide civil defense program. After they killed him, that was one of the first initiatives they terminated. Those would have been pennies not paid to them.

Modern People Are Inferior To Our Ancestors

It's the truth. Our ancestors made things look easy which modern people cannot even duplicate with all the technological advancements in the world.

It's no surprise that so many idiots are currently busy trying to deny we ever made it to the moon. It is a lot like the Fox and the Sour Grapes. They labor under the delusion they are smarter when in fact they aren't even the equal of the average school child of the 1950's. What other explanation could they come up with to account for this other than to claim the achievements of the former century never happened?

If you homeschool your children you will become acutely aware of this dilemma when you see your kids speaking to grown men and women with far more intelligence and acumen than they will ever possess. All of these things happen so naturally that it is self-evident that somebody would have to be deliberately dumbing down the population for them to end up the way they do.

Ice Ages Kill Leftists Like Flies, Believe It

Read this article. It's so simple, about a subject so pedestrian, that says so much about what human beings are and what kind of human beings survive when the temperature drops.

Ice Ages kill phonies. They kill leftists. They kill poseurs and pretenders. They cull their numbers to respectable percentages or exterminate them altogether.

Our biggest problem during the interglacial is the growth of demographics that otherwise would die in lower temperature climates where social engineering and performance art do not yield positive dividends in terms of food and shelter. Only when the temperature is much warmer can such grasshoppers survive. When the air hits sixty degrees below it is a death sentence for this entire top-heavy class of bullsh*t artists.

Things Are Going To Change Around Here

The elites are the last to know. They soon will. Pity their "god" didn't seem to take the time to issue them a warning. Maybe their "god" doesn't care as much about them as my God does me.

The elites wasted a lot of time and resources promoting globalwarmthinkery, which goes to show how incompetent they are at leadership of any civilization. There's another thing they stink at. All that money and capital right before another Ice Age arrived. They'd be funny if they weren't so utterly destructive.

Half the buildings in New York City are going to collapse under the weight of snow during the next couple of winters if they continue as they are now. Most of them built in the past fifty years are about as strong as the Pal-Lock system.

Give it up already, it's over. Globowarmthinkery is exposed and a dead issue.