Monday, March 1, 2010

Ice Ages Kill Leftists Like Flies, Believe It

Read this article. It's so simple, about a subject so pedestrian, that says so much about what human beings are and what kind of human beings survive when the temperature drops.

Ice Ages kill phonies. They kill leftists. They kill poseurs and pretenders. They cull their numbers to respectable percentages or exterminate them altogether.

Our biggest problem during the interglacial is the growth of demographics that otherwise would die in lower temperature climates where social engineering and performance art do not yield positive dividends in terms of food and shelter. Only when the temperature is much warmer can such grasshoppers survive. When the air hits sixty degrees below it is a death sentence for this entire top-heavy class of bullsh*t artists.


Anonymous said...

ITZ here, Tex!

Globalwarmthinkers once again exposed as clowns!

The entire Baltic sea was covered with ice, with DOZENS of ships getting stuck!

Anonymous said...

Globalwarmthinkery: "Pass a Clean Energy Climate Plan to keep those evil Iranians from blowing up our Troops!"