Thursday, March 18, 2010

Globowarmthinkery Blows Up Like A Klown Cigar

Anybody associated with it, advocating it or promoting it will be suspect for the rest of their adult lives. They have demonstrated they are not trustworthy people. They have demonstrated they are not honest people. They have demonstrated they are not sane people. They are discredited for whatever remains of their vulgar, banal and pathetic lives.

You don't just walk away from a lie of that magnitude. You don't just disown it one morning or claim you were not part of it. A lie of that size leaves you damaged goods, forever.


Anonymous said...

I wish that were the case Tex.

I have seen these same idiots, when confronted with how many people Communism has killed, make excuses for it, because it was all done with "the best intentions".

These people are clinically insane.

Andrew said...

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

The advocates may well be damaged goods but I'm sure they've got the next lie and the stooges lined up already. Besides isn't "damaged goods" a prerequisite for public office?

I'd be more confident if people weren't suffering from stockholm syndrome en mass from the fluoride and televitz.

At this point people seem to be getting desperate enough to believe most anything hence the new age peddlers promising 2012 ascension (aka genocide) and salvation via little green men.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be humane if we committed golbowarmthinkers to a sanitarium, far, far away, somewhere they can get the help that they need, they are obviously suffering from a type of mental illness, and need medical help.

j said...

That article made a great point; now the people who are sticking with the global warming scam are the deniers! Ha! What a delicious irony.

Anonymous said...

Οff topic, but a good indicator of what happens when you allow sodomites inside any institution.

Anonymous said...


Srebrenica fell because the Dutch were outgunned, outmanned, had a coward for a commander (straight btw) and were denied airsupport. A true clusterfuck of incompetence and burocracy.

Alexander the Great was gay. So was half the damn Roman Empire. And they did quite well in battle.

If your god considers a homosexual a sinner than let him be judged by god after death. But while he or she lives you should be glad they enlisted because the USA right now needs every soldier they can get.