Monday, March 1, 2010

Exploring An Abandoned Civil Defense Shelter

Pretty good account of a spelunking expedition into what was formerly a pretty spectacular civil defense shelter built in the 1960's in New Orleans.

Makes you feel sorry for America that such places are merely curiosities on the eve of World War Three. The 'Kwans are to be pitied.

Here is an interesting blog on the history of civil defense in North Carolina.

Fascinating exploration of a Mojave Gypsum Mine once used for civil defense.

Pay attention and marvel at all the ancient relics they find in these places that were once produced by American manufacturing. This was a constitutional republic that was entirely self-sufficient in the year (1963) I was born. They shot John Kennedy and surprise, forty years later the entire nation is just a dried-out dead husk of a country which has been siphoned dry of every single penny and left with debts so crippling they will never be paid. Kennedy was in the way and he served as an example to every President that came after him. Beware the men who would kill your king. Things do not get better afterwards when they go free. These ancient ruins testify to better times.

Most of these ruins exist because of the strong drive by President Kennedy to introduce a substantial, nationwide civil defense program. After they killed him, that was one of the first initiatives they terminated. Those would have been pennies not paid to them.


Anonymous said...

Great finds. I can't help but stare at the before and after of the New Orleans shelter. Plenty of before and after pictures show decline but few this thought provoking.

Anonymous said...


Your old Aussurvivalist posts on your L.A. riots experiences have caused quite a controversy on an American gun forum frequented by mostly morons (should give you an idea how correct you were in leaving the U.S.). Thought you might like to read about it at the following link. I'd appreciate it also if you could blog about their responses (should be an interesting read as always):

Texas Arcane said...

I had a glance at the AR15 site. Honestly, I'm too busy to bother. I've got so much stuff to work on I can't waste time on a forum like that. Reading some of the general posts on that blog I put the average IQ around 90 and there's no point in somebody like me expending ten seconds there. That's ten seconds I can't get back.

You can tell them for me that in reading over my impromptu post on AusSurv, I realized long ago there were things in there I just made up because I couldn't remember them perfectly years later. For example, I said Walmart because I couldn't remember the name of the super chain retail store that was looted down the block from me.

The rest of it is verbatim with almost no embellishment of any kind unless you consider my superb writing style to be a kind of embellishment in it's own right. That I might concede. The rest is true.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty sad seeing that shelter fall to ruins so quickly. It reminds me of formerly grand cities in the US like Detroit and the state they are in today.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

You probably check out the WebBot and Ure/Peoplenomics. This is a big whoa ! ... OhioDude

Secret Government Mega-Projects?

Everyone once in a while a reader email, or a news tip, comes along which just screams for more follow-up because it fits with a lot of 'rumbles' being heard lately. That was the case this week when the following email arrived from Australia:

"hi George, keep it short, know you have tons to look at everyday? I just don't get it? my Husband is working on this huge project, in the first meetings the top management levels are informed the Government is building it for the 10,000 year flood and its not public knowledge. He looks around and hardly anyone bats an eyelid? The speaker looks my husband in the eye and sais yes , the last time Noah was involved? yes, That flood! 45 billion being spent on this one. His part is in Brisbane, Queensland ,yet many roads being rebuilt higher all over the state and many new motor way tunnels. The tunnels in Brisbane are what we believe will be the way to relay the big floods out to sea (too bad if your in it at the time is my guess) Examining the way they have built the new hospital, it appears that ships could dock there, no reason to be built that high. No photography is allowed and this is regulated strictly. Must be finished before 2012, but last few days they have suggested to speed up works and intend to work under floodlight around the clock. Now, thats just making me a bit more nervous. Maybe your right, 2012 has been moved forward? Feel free to ask for more info, he will send it over the weekend if so. I probably would have dismissed it as myth myself, but when you're on the payroll for the big event, well, it doesn't get more real than that? Are there Any projects over there reporting the same reason for big projects. Maybe they weren't meant to slip the truth into this meeting? Just reply simply: more info...and I will forward facts if your interested. The company is sworn to secrecy but he hasn't signed anything and sais he is willing to speak. Why should we be in the dark while they spend so much to safe guard the corporate structures? I really don't think we will get warnings on what they must already know is coming.