Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Devil You Know

I've been getting a lot of private emails over the past couple of months asking me if I know who is behind the media campaign to expose the Catholic Church - and how I'm playing right into their hands by reprinting links to these articles.

I was raised Catholic. I'm a Christian now instead.

I mean it when I say I'm ready to kiss the Catholics goodbye -- forever. I hope they get sued out of pocket and cease to exist. At the very least they should be treated as an organized criminal conspiracy that deals in the sexual traffic of children.

You see, here at the start of the 21st century I find myself in a weird predicament.

I'm surrounded by bastards. All of them are pointing at one another and telling me they are my friends but that other guy over there is an even worse bastard than they are. They're all telling me I'm safer with the Devil I know. After all, they say, who will organize for your interests if you start tearing down your primary institutions?

I say, we ditch all these bastards and seek new institutions to replace them. I don't think the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I think he's my enemy as well as everybody else's enemy. I am not interested in this psychopath good cop/bad cop dichotomy. I say they are all our enemies. The organized media is hitting the Catholic Church hard. I know this. I like it. I hope after they destroy the Catholics, some other psychopath then destroys them in turn. I might just stand here and watch while they all bump each other off. When it is over, we'll bump off the last psychopath remaining and look forward to a better world. In the meantime, anybody who is gunning for baby rapists is free to takeoff on my runway. I support them right up to the moment when their plane crashes and burns as well, the way any vehicle piloted by psychopaths tends to do.

Watch'em self-destruct, it's better than a matinee with popcorn

At the end of the day, these are the truest words you have ever heard, Vault Dwellers ...

We are surrounded by psychopath bastards. None of them is on our side. Not a one of them. They're all children of the Devil. Don't let them run their good cop/bad cop game on you. With any luck they will all soon be sucking on nukes. That'll be a champagne day for sure.

Rope-A-Dope With The Pope


Anonymous said...

I was raised Catholic, but now I consider myself a conservative agnostic/atheist. It sounds like an oxymoron but I think it's possible to believe in morality without belief in a higher power. I won't get into somebody's face regarding their belief in some "imaginary bearded man in the sky" (words that liberal atheists use to mock those who believe in God), I take Voltaire's stance that God (invented or not) is a necessary evil to create order in society and force people to get along with each other. In fact, God may be man's greatest and most necessary invention.

I posted here before that I believed that Alex Jones is fake or controlled opposition. I said that without first listening to him on his radio show. In spite of a lot of his crazy conspiracy theories, I like about 50% of what he has to say--which is a lot because I despise 90% of what is said by political talking heads on radio and TV.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching the Alex Jones video, he really gets passionate at the end.

He mentions Malcolm X, quite a controversial figure, but one who earned a lot of respect (even by those who hated him) because he went on the offensive and never apologized for himself. Kind of like how AJ just did.

andyboots37 said...

Tex, you've crystalized my thoughts eloquently.

I was watching Hllary on the news in my country (Canada) trying to dictate health legislature to our PM.
I felt nauseous and infuriated when she ever so smugly and casually promoted abortion; as if she were some kind of moral !@#$ing authority on it.
I could almost smell sulphur emanating from her breath through the TV.

I read the one headline you posted saying that abortion was going to be done into THE 40TH WEEK OF PREGNANCY? WOW.

You might as well have "doctors" wearing black robes performing these sacrifices.

There really can't be much time left.

Brilliant post. I couldn't have worded it better myself.


Adam said...

Good man,there are no good people. You're one of two. A man that tries to look good for other people but has his own personal motives. Or a man that tries to better himself and his community without any thought of himself. Unfortunately there's very very few of us in that second category.

Anonymous said...

While the media seem too "sensitive" on alleged child abuse cases within the Catholic church, they do no mention the fact that a former Senator who was "suicided" had exposed abuses by the CPS and the role of the international child sex ring.

Anonymous said...

I want to turn Texas and the rest of the readers here to this blog. I found this today and I like this guy's view on thing. I'm sure you will like his hardcore, open-your-eyes way.

Anonymous said...

The number of people joining the priesthood has been on a severe decline for the past 100 years. So rather than punish and defrock it's priests, the Church is turning a blind eye and trying to hold on to as many priests as possible, no matter how bad.

Nobody mentions the above, as if the Church does not want to admit that it's weak and no longer influential.

The Church will have to pay out billions in damages and this will have the effect of people not donating to the Church because they don't want their money to be paid out to class action lawsuits or lawyers.

They're going after the Church extremely hard, of course. Makes it bad for the majority of priests who are good but who must suffer public condemnation along with the bad apples. But while the blog owner hopes that other corrupt institutions will suffer the fate that the Church is right now, the satanic media will protect it's own.

Does anyone really think that the media will attack abortion, immigration, multiculturalism, gay marriage in the same way they're attacking the Catholic Church? They're far too clever for that.

I think the state of affairs right now is so corrupt and extremely far gone that there won't be any reform unless some cataclysmic event like a violent ice age, peak oil or global thermonuclear war resets everything. The flood in the Old Testament talks of God enacting vengeance on the evil of humans. Perhaps this is the cycle of history: ten thousand years in the interglacial makes humans become weak and decadent as they are able to build an instrastructure. The few "good" people left cry out, but then a miracle of nature happens, a violent ice age kills off all the grasshopphers (as Vault-co puts it) to make everything right again.