Saturday, March 27, 2010

Death Watch For The Kwanstain

Now comes the fall of the final curtain.


Anonymous said...

The discussion there is pretty interesting.

Some people said it was the dropping of the gold standard and some said the export of all their manufacturing overseas finished them off.

Personally I think it was both of those things, as well as the transformation of America's population from that which created it, to that of the third world.

And we know who was responsible for that - The Nation Wreckers.

Honestly you couldn't do more to ruin the country if you tried.

That makes me think that Democracy is killed America, because complete idiots rise to power an awful lot and those who shout the loudest and longest, always get their way. Of course the people are never allowed to vote on the issues that will affect the nation the most.

Rowan said...

That 2012 date pops up again and again.