Monday, March 15, 2010

China Versus Kwanzania : ITZ COMING

Obama couldn't navigate the living room of a crack house to get to the toilet, much less the metaphorical waters of international diplomacy. He's managed to alienate nearly every single nuclear power in the world in just under 12 months. What do you expect, the Kenyans can't even stop fighting each other for a week. Putting a Kenyan in the White House is the dumbest thing the Kwanzanies have done to date.

From freedom to despotism, then onwards to final war and dissolution. The names and faces change in this sad play but the plot is always the same.


Rowan said...

Time to re-read nuclear war survival skills methinks.

Anonymous said...

"The US military is to pay extra $500 to all officers and soldiers (in addition to translators and intelligence officers) who know at least one foreign language, especially Russian and Chechen."

"Choice of a language to be mastered by the US military says a lot, says Dmitry Rogozin, permanent representative of Russia to NATO. This allows predicting areas where Washington may become active. If we look at the list of languages recommended for American military pilots, we will see that in addition to Russian and Chechen it includes the languages of other peoples residing in the Caucasus, such as Azerbaidzhan, Armenian, and Georgian."