Friday, March 12, 2010

Asylum Planet

Stablehand philosophy.

Human beings have no right to privacy because a desire for it is only an indication you have something to hide. Therefore privacy is no longer a right.

"As a social good," says Richard Posner, the federal judge and iconoclastic conservative, "I think privacy is greatly overrated because privacy basically means concealment. People conceal things in order to fool other people about them. They want to appear healthier than they are, smarter, more honest and so forth." That isn't a defense of snooping as much as a warning of the flip side of privacy--concealing facts that are discreditable, including those that other people have a legitimate reason for knowing.

I don't know who is more vulgar. The elites in the business of turning the earth into a chicken battery pen or the birds they are flushing into their respective cages.

These are ideas you would have expected to flourish during the neolithic in a small tribe of cave people. No member of the tribe can own anything or be expected to have any privacy.

The decline of the West is irreversible. Nothing can halt the downward trend. You cannot have a free society populated by slavish knaves. Who will be the advocate of freedom when the desire for it has vanished? There is only the trough and the fresh hay as a concern. The "freedom" of modern people encompasses the demands you would anticipate amongst cattle. Their "freedom" is the song of the barnyard.


Anonymous said...

How did the West ever turn form rugged individualism to worshiping "social good"?

Rowan said...

Reminds me of something Ayn Rand said.

'Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.' - Ayn Rand

Anonymous said...

Tex I can't find you on Facebook.

Texas Arcane said...

Facebook is the best sheeple tracking device that has ever been found to provide input for Echelon.

Anonymous said...

quote- Tex I can't find you on Facebook. -end quote

bwaahaahaahaha. i bet if you look real hard you'll also fail to find him at a young socialists luncheon.

Anonymous said...

I'm rolling my eyes here to point out that the question about Tex being on Facebook was meant sarcastically. But to play the devil's advocate for a sec... it only has access to whatever information you choose to give to it, however accurate or not.
Some people like to try and give you their DNA sequence and autobiography in point form, while other people are just a name & email address. Same as a blog.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me, why do Jews always attack freedom?