Sunday, February 21, 2010

World War Three : ITZ COMING #2

Deliberate provocation of Russia underway as a large scale challenge to their sovereignty. The only reason a nation would pursue this strategy was if they wanted to provoke a war with Russia in the near future. Attacking Iran would be the flashpoint required to draw the Russians into the conflict.

Let's poke the Chinese with a stick while we're at it

If that doesn't work we can always stage another false flag


Anonymous said...

Seeing a spiritual leader like the Dalai Lama becoming a lackey and a tool in the hands of warmongers in order to destabilize a sovereign country is truly sad.

Anonymous said...

Hell even the Falklands are an issue again:

If the Brits and the Argentinians go to war, will Chavez support Argentina kicking off the first pan-american war?


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex', looks like another child of Satan goes back home.

The man sure taught the current US government how to play the game.