Tuesday, February 9, 2010

World War III Warming Up For Title Fight

Major economic depression.

Sudden permanent climate change to cold weather.

Three hegemons jockeying for nose position : China, U.S., Russia.

Escalating arms race and nuclear proliferation.

Dispute over Taiwan approaching certain climax.

Nowadays, you don't have to be Texas Arcane to see the Apocalypse Trifecta. If you can see and hear, you'd be able to puzzle it out for yourself.

To top it off, never forget ... China has a quarter of a million young, single males that will never find wives and who may not find jobs - approaching adulthood right now. That is a social pressure difficult to cope with outside of sending those men offshore to fight somebody else, so they don't stay in your own nation and end up fighting you. World war just makes so much sense for Chinese leadership and it can be believed they would stringently avoid any solution that would not include major warfare involving both nuclear weapons and conventional forces.

ADDENDUM ++: Some readers have corrected me, I believe they are right. I got my figure of 250,000+ single males who are extremely unlikely to ever marry from a book written by J.R. Nyquist which is at least ten years old. This appears to be a more accurate estimate and certainly more recent. The writer at this link guesstimates that the number will approach 24 million single males who will never find wives in China during the coming decade. Correct the figure in your mental calculator and tell me what result you see for the future given all these existing conditions in the world. If you think a lot of European white women were raped in WWII (and millions were) wait until you see World War III. Do you know why women in any nation get raped? Because their men were inferior and too stupid for the martial virtues required to protect them when it counted most. Civilizations are founded to organize the protection for women and children and nations that forget this end up paying in rivers of blood for their stupidity. Any country that is geographically close enough to fear a land invasion from China should be concentrating all their resources on acquiring nuclear weapons to make sure that doesn't happen. Anything else is mostly off-topic gibberish by people who are poor at identifying priorities in life.


Sean said...

Actually that figure of men unable to ever find wives is 25 million from what I understand. Not 250000. Basically cannon fodder or invaders. I assume that Siberia,New Zealand,Canada, and Austrailia are the first targets.

Anonymous said...

"China has a quarter of a million young, single males that will never find wives"

I believe its 24 million, Tex.


Anonymous said...

Oughta be interesting. The Bear and Mao-Mart have been jockeying for tangible mineral and energy assets, and trying to set up alliances, whilst we diddle away the chance to be a Survivor.

Russia will roll up Europe, control energy along with their Persian proxies, and China will gobble up the greater AsianPacific region.

Afreeka will be strip mined before being allowed to slide into utter ruin.

The SinoSovs will parcel the Americas after we implode.

The Chinese already have FOBs in Canada, the Carribean Meheeco, and they control the Panama Canal. Yea, I agree with poster Sean that Canada is on the target list ... land, timber, minerals, strategic metals and hydro

The US ? Arable land. And human fodder.


Anonymous said...

Also keep in mind India has the exact same problem, for the exact same cultrual ideas and their excess male population evidently is about the same - 25 million excess young males.

That will end well.