Thursday, February 11, 2010

Direct Access to Ports In NT/2000/XP

If you ever wonder how I test and debug a system in PowerBasic intended to deploy to DOS from my XP Laptop, here is the secret. It's a program that will issue the correct ProcessIDs to strip all protection from calls to the I/O ports for a program running in a DOS session under NT/2000/XP. It is actually a workaround for the natural port control on any 386 architecture running in protected mode. Truly a thing of beauty for embedded systems programming.

Of course, using this same program, you could run the Vault-OS DOS kernel on your own laptop from within a DOS Window as well! Some people might want to do this when they are debugging Vault-OS for their own shelter before they actually take it down to install it.

Extremely useful program but be cautious. It gives you a lot of freedom to damage your machine or peripherals just like under DOS if you are not careful.

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