Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sun Basically Silent For Four Years Solid, Then Decides For A Larf To Shoot Out A Million Kilometer Magnetic Filament

Scary, terrifying stuff going on up there. This is called a "Hyder Flare" and it represents a massive surge of magnetic field energy that bursts into an arc on the surface. They are extremely rare ... this one is the most colossal ever recorded. It just came out of nowhere. The Sun has some very weird things going on in the interior. It looks like it is getting ready to kick off a whacky dance number as we approach 2012.

The auroral lights are going crazy, non-stop at night. Check out some of the comments at that page.

Anyhoo, don't worry. At worst it's the preliminaries of a K-T Boundary style extinction event, so don't sweat it.


Anonymous said...

I know none of us care anymore, but whatever:

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Oh, and a Vault-Co reader seems to have made a summary of everything written on this blog: