Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sheeple Rumblings

The best way to control the story is to pretend to reveal something, when in fact you are stating the obvious and describing something that the common man on the street has already figured out.

The truth about 2012 - Mother of All Solar Maximums

You pretend to run ahead of the mob and seem to be the first on the scene when in fact you are just posting yourself in their way so as to steer them in the wrong direction when they get to you.

There are a lot worse things that can happen from a magnetic shield failure than losing power to our XBoxes and cellphones. A lot worse. Once again, capture the opposition and thwart the average man so they continue to stumble along in the dark.

Ask yourself, did they build the Global Seed Vault in the frozen ice of Norway in a frenzied emergency rush because they were worried about electrical power shortages? Why on earth go to that kind of trouble for that sort of anticipated problem? I could have just as easily kept the seeds in my garage in a shoebox for the international community and pocketed the difference.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

The seedbank is an open secret.
Gent who comes in has been working with a UNM/NMSU consortium for the last 3 years collecting exemplars of original corn from high, remote mountain valleys in Mexico, central and South America.

None exist; they've ALL been contaminated with GM shit. ALL. The drift of the FrankenFood pollen is vast.

I'd encourage folks to follow the lead, and get their non-hybrid seed soon. Be careful of the big. splashy online ads for seed ... I suspect they're fronts for gov "Hoover operations" to have resistors out themselves.


Anonymous said...

I noted that the 2006 article was quoting the solar max was to arrive in 2010. It's now 2010 and we've only just started up again (feebly)with the sunspots. I have no confidence in NASAs ability to predict anything that the sun might do.