Friday, February 26, 2010

Road To Armageddon : Paul Craig Roberts

The Kwa has gone off the rails and is actively seeking a Third World War with three nuclear powers.


Anonymous said...

"Unable to get ahead by other means (such as economic means), they seek to get ahead by political action, above all by taking wealth from their political neighbors. At the same time they turn to irrationality to compensate for the growing insecurity of life, for the chronic economic depression, for the growing bitterness and dangers of class struggles, for the growing social disruption and insecurity from imperialist wars. This is generally a period of gambling,use of narcotics or intoxicants, obsession with sex (frequently as perversion), increasing crime, growing numbers of neurotics and psychotics, growing obsession with death and with the Hereafter.

The vested interests encourage the growth of imperialist wars and irrationality because both serve to divert the discontent of the masses away from their vested interests(the uninvested surplus). Accordingly, some of the defenders
of vested interests divert a certain part of their surplus to create instruments of class oppression, instruments of imperialist wars, and instruments of irrationality."

Carroll Quigley - The Evolution of Civilizations

j said...

Great article; Roberts is so sane that he's practically a visionary in today's world. It's amazing how many people dismiss the huge body of evidence that 9/11 truthers have put forward purely out of a refusal to believe that the American government would do something so heinous. That, and the unanimous scoffing of the talking heads in the MSM, is the only thing holding back the tsunami, I think.

I saw an article on Slate yesterday about how the U.S. government poisoned liquor during prohibition, killing 10k at least. Pure psychopathy. Control-freak maniacs ran the government then, and they run it now. Power doesn't just corrupt; power attracts the predator sub-species within humanity.

Rowan said...

What's going to kill us first? I've read Robert Felix's books and it does all seem to be coming true.

Hope it all holds together for just one more year.