Monday, February 15, 2010


It's so simple even Kwanzanians have figured it out! You know the hour is getting late when that happens.

HINT : The journalist covering this article tries to inject motives into his subjects they really don't have - rather that the journo needs to believe they have. Kwanzanians are actually aware of a lot more realistic threats than the ones the government has agitpropped into the mass media. Namely, their own government first and foremost. There are about a million other motives for people to have reached this stage that you can rely on the journalist to carefully omit from his article. In fact, the ludicrous situation we have where nothing in the news is ever the news, is itself a reason for Kwanzanians to fear the future. When your media becomes a weather vane for all the stories that have nothing to do with the news, most reasonable people would start to become afraid of their own institutions with good cause. That's a sign that nothing is what it appears to be or is presented as being.

For example, most Amerikwans with IQs above room temperature know perfectly well that the Tea Party is the best fake opposition that money can buy. It's just another attempt to dominate both sides of the argument with straw men, puppet candidates and vulgar populism. Most of the people in the U.S. who have come to realize they cannot get any representative government going without it being co-opted by the ruling classes makes them very scared about what is coming. Usually when the ballot box begins to fail to this degree, nations turn to the bullet box to resolve their disputes.

Machiavelli pointed out in his book that the wisest tyrants will use their subjects own tax purse to fund both their support and opposition.

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Anonymous said...

Mr T

The Bill of Rights are in their proper order. Lamestream Media seek to conceal and restrict info, actively Lie, and serve as mouthpieces for Statists. Their failures to bring to light the globoWarmBS, iminent crop crises, and financial storms coming prove this.

After the primacy of the 1st Amendment - free speech, assembly, press and right to worhsip - comes the instrumentality of the Second Amendment ... enunciating the right to hold tools that may be used in service to 1A against a government become tyrranical. That is what truly scares the Conscious

The InfoWar has been successfully waged by the PTB, and the drones are clueless for the most part.