Monday, February 15, 2010


It really is the last call winding up soon.

You could consider Vault-Co an "early bounder." One of those gazelles that is wired so tightly it begins to jump up and down when the lion pride approaching the herd is only a series of silouhettes flicking at the very edge of our field of vision. Most gazelles do not begin to alert until the lions have arrived within thirty meters and are creeping stealthily forward through the grass. This is always at a time which is too late for somebody in the herd. The lions are going to get one of them at this point. Loss is built-in to their genetics, with the rare exception of the gazelle who starts to bounce as soon as they detect lions nearby. That's the one responding early enough that everyone could have a chance to escape at that stage.

So when we started bounding in 1998, that was a warning for everybody. Nowadays it's too late to even bother.

Today's warnings are coming at the tail end of a series of crises which virtually guarantee the lions are going to swiftly take down at least 90% of the remaining herd before they can react. At this point, any gazelle not running will end up as a lion's lunch for certain.

Whatever precautions you can take you will need to take. The option of chewing your cud and waiting to see what the others are bounding over is a very poor strategy now.

By the way, this analogy sort of breaks down when you take into account the possibility of the gazelles being equipped with milspec carbines and extra-capacity magazines.

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Jason Cato said...

I really feel like things are moving towards a climax, however how can one time such things?
The current "emergency" has been going on since 2008.
Will Greece's collapse doom the Euro and spark a run on sovereign debt? Pick your poison I guess.
The guy in Tax-achusetts whose home was recently raided sure thought Armageddon was just around the corner.
I enjoy reading "The Day the Dollar Died" but I don't see a rapid collapse over a week, but a slow slide over the next decade.