Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ice Age II : Vault-Co (Robert Felix) Was Right

All the media pundits are spinning this into a freak, one-off weather anomaly with a return to normalcy next year, as if such things as were considered "normal" by the sheeple were engraved by the cosmos into stone as immutable law.

This is how it begins. Next year it is going to start killing people. Lots and lots of people, all over North America and Europe.

White House nearly buried in snow. The Obamination lightheartedly calls it "Snowmageddon," quite oblivious to the implications if this sort of winter is ten times worse next year

Forget about centrally distributed electricity, it will soon be a thing of the past for a population set to live in a new Dark Ages

Philadelphia Buried In Snow, Roads Unnavigable

As previously seen in northern Europe, roofs begin to collapse with weight of snowfall. These structures were built during the interglacial and are therefore completely unsurvivable during the return to the real "normal" for planet earth.

Don't alter those records books just yet ... you better wait until you've seen what is in store for North America between now and 2012.


Anonymous said...

On the bright side a new ice age might force islamic horde to leave europe and go back to whatever desert hell-hole spawned them :)


Rowan said...

I read an interesting article today.

Anonymous said...

Ahh so the Lord is going to freeze them first before He destroys them, so no one can escape; when your snowed in and without power you can't leave, God wants to make sure the 'Kwans don't escape.

Texas Arcane said...

If we believe we are seeing the same pattern that started the Holocene, except in reverse, then people will freeze and then fry in alternating years between record snows and a failure of the magnetic shield.

Anonymous said...

Always tomorrow, never today has been the true and tried motto of doomsday prophets throughout the ages.