Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun With SuperVolcano Extinction Events

Three important things to understand about the continuous quake swarm at the Yellowstone Caldera that are basically ignored in the mainstream media:

1. Without precedent

2. Moving closer to the surface every day for the past three months

3. It's overdue by at least 100,000+ years or more

Is this the big news right now, despite it being blacked out in the "news?"

If Yellowstone erupts it will be the end of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Who cares the USA has already signed its own death notice.
A chinese company is buying gold in nearly every shopping centre in .aus and now I find out they are everywhere and I mean everywhere.
Buying gold and shipping it straight to china.
And how are they paying for it.
US farking Dollars.
Looks to me like china is quietly dumping the dollar before it implodes.
Been doing the numbers and there is a quiet but marked increase in US$ around.
The USA is printing US$ and china is dumping them.
How long to the IMPLOSION?????

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex have you seen Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory episode that deals with bunkers yet (gov. and civil.)?


Sean said...

Do you think that the media isn't covering this is deliberate? I do. Seems to me if Yellowstone blows, there isn't damn thing anyone can do about it. Except die choking. Or of starvation when all the farm land is destroyed. There is no point to report on it. If it doesn't blow-which is possible-then they would have created massive unrest. It makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

If Yellowstone goes, it would create a super volcano and that would be an end of humanity scenario, similar to a global nuclear winter blocking out the sun for a decade.

And what are we doing to preserve future of humanity? Obama just canceled the replacement for the space shuttle program.