Monday, February 15, 2010

Foulest Treason By Any Other Name

A hundred years ago they had a different response to people who betrayed their own nations and imported foreigners to seize political power from the native inhabitants.

They called it treason and a man would see the gallows for it. Not an indignant essay in the weekly paper about how shameful it was. They called it high treason and a man would stand on the gallows for crimes of this magnitude.

Make no mistake, this strategy of Labor in Britain constitutes the very worst sort of treason against one's native land that is imaginable. It is the definition of treason itself.


Andrew said...

Indeed and yet the situation is mirrored in every single country without exception - and it all seems to stem from the UK unfortunately.

With the increased level of insanity... displayed by our "leaders" on a daily basis - it's safe to assume they'll be more hurt before this storm ends.

Just in case you missed this:
How much longer before they mount guns on the thing?

Anonymous said...

This is the most horrid crime,not just a crime against an individual,it is RACIAL TREASON.A crime against a whole race of people.Every parent whose daughters were raped,every man put out of work, and every woman who has been mugged by one of those co-equal culture enrichers is entitled to a piece of the corrupted politicians who let them enter the country.

In a way I want it to collapse so we can start again with a blank slate and rebuild.
Chris from Sydney

Realms of Quest said...
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