Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Britain Moves All Rare Books Into Salt Mine

Just for the next three years, you understand. It's temporary. Sheeple come and go but the nation's literary treasures deserve the kind of deep rock protection from radiation and blast that only a salt mine can deliver.

Nothing to see here, people. Keep moving along and paying those tax revenues, nothing to see here. Just keep up your sheeplish activities right through the next three years without incident. No time to panic now. The best thing you can do is drink and be merry. Keep buying those consumer goods and driving through those takeout windows.

I can't wait until the elites begin vanishing into shelters around 2011. Everybody relax, you fellows hold down the fort up here. Have another Diet Coke and put on a pair of sunglasses so you can watch the show. We'll be sure to check up on you once in a while and good luck with all that.

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Speaking of Britain...

A nation led by paedophiles and psychopaths: