Saturday, February 27, 2010


Stay chilly.

Queensland is right in the shotgun of this one across the Pacific. Supposed to be hitting here in 8 hours. I am going to bed, hope I don't wake up underwater, praise God.

Vault-Co says it for past ten years, we're nuts. It's different when other bipeds say the same thing long after it is patently obvious. Not being nuts means being no brighter than a shiny red button. The cutoff score is being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Anybody that bright or god forbid brighter is some kind of nut and needs professional help.

It's not the biggest quake ever recorded. It's that we are having them practically every week nowadays and they show no sign of abating. That's because ITZ COMING.


Rowan said...

You are not obliged to reply to this comment Tex, I'm only really posting it here because I have no one to discuss this with.

I've had quite a bit of free time this week and have been thinking about the coming magnetic reversal and subsequent ice age a lot. I've followed aussurvivalist for several years and have been reading your blog on and off for quite some time. I have done extensive reading into so many things you and others have talked about. I could say a lot about you Tex, but I do think you're correct in many of your predictions, itz coming sooner or later.

It was my intention to emigrate to Australia this Summer after I graduate from University. However, things are moving quickly and I'm beginning to think staying in the UK would be a better idea. I could easily get a job and get a property which would be complicated in Australia. There is also the matter of my family who I would like to take care of.

I could purchase a property over 200 feet above sea level in an area which has never been under glaciation in over a million years (apparently), construct a vault and protect my family when the time comes. It's not as ideal as having 15 years lead time and constructing a mountain fortress on a warm continent, but it could work if the vault was built correctly. True, one day I'd have to move South in order to survive, perhaps like my ancestors before me.

If in three years time, it does not hit the fan for some reason, I'll be able to head to sunny Australia. But if I attempt it right now I'll be a broke Englishman in a strange land working for next to peanuts while the world's going to pot and my family dies back home.

Life is somewhat different to how it was advertised on TV.

Texas Arcane said...

It sounds like the best idea for you given your current situation. I am sure the UK will be survivable, it just may not be hospitable as you mentioned. Since Englishmen evolved there under worse conditions, for many natives it would be like throwing Brer Rabbit into the Briar Patch once they get their bearings again. The problem is the various recent arrival of guests who may not behave as cricket in a New Ice Age.

The natives have thrived there in conditions that would be illegal for most dogs so it's not intractable for those who are willing to use their brains. It's the people who don't have any you need to guard against.

Rowan said...

Cheers Tex. I have a lot of work to do and I hope you continue to blog into the precarious future.

Rowan said...

Another incremental release of what is to come? Nice conclusion at the end, lucky I never got around to building a vault, I've got a 72 hour BOB in my kitchen so I'm safe.