Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Windbelt - Extreme Low Tech Vault Power!

I'm so excited about these low tech devices, especially at the fact they apparently can be built from anything and maintained by almost anybody. Very cool power source for shelters using low speed wind pressure and easily replaced parts. I have got so much stuff to do this year I need to finish Vault-OS just to manage my time for me.


Anonymous said...

Impressive. My uncle was a research scientist at Stanford university. He dealt with making solar cells run cleaner and more efficient. Through the use of clean rooms and hi tech manufacturing processes the cells went up to 80% efficiency, but so did the cost. Not cost effective, no selling.
This boy has the potentiality to truly change the world.
Mike M.

Alex Supertramp said...

Very nice find, need to investigate to see if it got off the ground. Would like a copy of the blueprint.

Anonymous said...

Apparrantly it makes enough power to run a LED.