Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whole Planet Quaking

The new normal. Look closely, you'll see the most powerful crust movements are occurring on the major fault lines where the continents meet one another. See Drake's Passage where the Americas butt up against Antarctica. Pacific Ring of Fire getting pretty nervous, vibrating around the clock.

Biggest story in the news is Obama's plunging career prospects and wildly tyrannical secret actions. Meanwhile, the entire earth is trembling like a woman about to give birth. Either the governments of the world really are that stupid or they are pretending not to notice any of these things because they were expecting this activity many years in advance. Public stopcocks in the U.S. keep waving their hands wildly and telling people not to get crazy ideas about all these quakes being somehow related. Methinks the lady protests too much.

Strange tremors in South America.

My main worry is all the overdue supervolcanos that have missed their menstrual periods in the past 100,000 years. Starting with Yellowstone Caldera. Supervolcano eruptions are like nuclear war on crack.

If you need a really good laugh, think about mankind's priorities over the past ten years whilst all these changes were going on and the signs were everywhere. The best way to figure out where the truth lies is to first find out what the majority think and then look in the exact opposite direction. It never fails. You cannot tell me that God does not howl with amusement at the Monty-Pythonesque antics of human beings. They're ridiculous. Whatever they say, it is almost always irrelevant to their context. They are never on-topic, at least not anymore. Just imagine the second Ice Age which has now descended on Britain, locking people into their homes amidst colossal snow drifts ... and council still insisting they properly sort their recyclables into plastics and paper in order to stop global warming.

In conditions like these, we have about 6.5 billion people on earth we are not going to be able to feed. Period. Not enough food for all of them.

This is why we have been saying it for ten years.

P A C K__Y O U R__R I C E.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, bookmark this one also

You may well be right on this, but from viewing this site over the years, it currently looks like an active period, but nothing outside the realm of normal variability.

Solsys said...

Saturday, January 23, 2010