Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who Else Is Driven By Universal Altruism?

Tell me who.

Nobody else is driven by a desire for universal altruism and so compelled by notions of fairness they essentially permitted a coup by a hostile alien foreigner without obstruction. What other group of men behaves like this?

No other group of men is made this way. It's on the first page of the Bible.

The man who shows blood in the face. The man who blushes. People blush because they feel shame. People feel shame because they are endowed with the knowledge of good and evil.

This poor blushing sap doesn't know when others are snickering at him behind his back. He's so stupid he thinks everyone else is made the same way that he is.

Universal notions of fairness to all men. Yeah, right. They are just so interested in those things. That's why they always have that Mona Lisa smile on their faces when you speak of such notions. You can almost hear them giggling under their breath. Sap.

Listen to this. Is this a man with the knowledge of good and evil? Does a conscience exist in him? What is his metric of right and wrong? Does he really have one?

Amerikwa chose fail. So it failed. Amerikwa has nobody to blame but themselves. Vote for a man who has never held a day job, that's exactly what you get. Like Martin Luther King, this guy is the Wizard of Oz. All thunder and special effects up front, but just a moron behind a curtain pulling levers to convince people he is edjumafacated. There's nothing to the man but front.

Check out what happens to this idiot when his teleprompter goes down. Sounds like Dubya after a blow to the head in some kind of industrial accident.

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