Monday, January 18, 2010

Western Science Wrecked After 1000 Years Of Continuous Progress

"Scientific consensus" reduced to a game of chinese whispers over the telephone.

This isn't just about global warming.

Just like the Depression isn't about a few bad loans.

This is evidence of a worldwide descent into a madhouse planet of gibbering Jerry Lewis style morons. It isn't just one field or discipline. The truth is, incompetent people have seized the institutions of the Western world and are busy running them all into the ground.

I predict that orthodox science will never recover fully from this scandal. Never, at least not in our lifetimes. Never again will people invest much trust in it.

Thanks, bolshevists. There's another notch in your belt for something else you ruined. You must be so proud to have amassed such an amazing record of successful demolitions. Music, art, literature, cinema, debate, business, religion and now science. All in the crapper and permanently discredited as garbage. Another profession that decent people avoid for fear of being associated with rough trade.

There's no place left in this world for good men except to retreat and tend to their own private gardens.

This story will end when the good guys in this tug-of-war simply let go of the rope and give up. Without their service as suckers to this regime, there isn't enough tangible and intangible capital in the system to keep it going. The whole civilization nowadays is mostly camp followers with a handful of straight men who play by the rules. This is coming to an end because there is nobody left who has any faith in the system or a stake in it's continued success.

What we are seeing is the final wild looting rampage in which anything left that can burn is thrown into the fire or dragged away to sell.


j said...

I love how the guy that runs Generation Investment Management (Al Gore's carbon-credit company), is named David Blood. So the firm is "Blood and Gore." Who could make this shit up.

phix_ said...

You started with "..."Scientific consensus" reduced to a game..." This is actually an example of what consensus brings. Consensus brings dogma, dogma brings "anti-creativity". There are plenty of "scientific facts" that are accepted based upon the discussion section of 1 paper, with the hypothesis itself never tested, but repeated paper after paper. It's those that "stand" on the evidence rather than consensus who are excoriated and then eventually "proven" right.

Anonymous said...

When every institution, social and cultural value, and traditions in which our civilization was founded and progressed is collapsing, it is time as you say to pack your rice. The world of nations states that was created from the French and American Revolutions is nearing its end. Nihilism has taken over. Violence is becoming increasingly more appealing, and scapegoats increasingly more desirable. CLASSIC SYMPTOMS of the decline. A typical example of the decline of our culture, as you mentioned, is cinema. Have you tried watching anything that comes out of Hollywood for the last few years? Unwatchable. I've given up watching any new movies. I can't stand them.

The Bible is an arsenal that provides a warning of what happens when such situations occur.

Sodom and Gomorrah is an example of a civilization that has reached an extreme point of decline, which is why no one remains alive except for the narrator.

Tower of Babel shows what happens when people living in a society have no common ground in anything, no values to share, which makes their co-existence impossible.

Finally, The Flood shows that only those who know in advance what is about to happen will be spared, save whatever they can from the old world, and begin something new afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Apart from my own degree studies in history and widespread reading led me to believe that we are cycling to a Dark Ages.

Got a lot of confirmation from reading sites like:

I particularly found the following valuable - I think he has nailed civilization's senility and malaise very well: