Wednesday, January 27, 2010

West Coast Wasteland

ITZ is here now for the Western seaboard of the 'Kwa, as far inland as Las Vegas.

It is a bleached ruin of empty buildings and deserted auto wrecks well on it's way to returning to the desert. The golden land of airstreams and interstates is preparing to vanish into history. Someday the aquifers and underground canals will clog or fail and the fresh water from the mountains will cease to flow, sending the whole region back to the hellish no-man's land it was in 1820.

As goes California, so goes the nation.


Anonymous said...

Glassmaking Thrives Offshore, but Is Declining in U.S.

Anonymous said...

Between the ecocrazoids preventing timber / brush clearing and fronting for fish n bugs, the LaRaza-MEChA reconquistas, and liberalprogressivepervpops in major metro centers California is destined for doom. Some places in the Sierras might do OK if Yellowstone doesn't go. Might

Lotsa slums in SoCal - LA basin that look like Detroit ... spread out. Tijuana or Juarez barrios.

Which they essentially are.

You can step into it right across the street from the Biltmore.

Sit above I-10 on the SE side of Tucson and watch the U-Hauls roll east all day long. Humans exiting CultiMulcheral Land


Anonymous said...

8.6 Earthquake in China.

Can I just say, chipping a hole in solid granite for your blast shelter was an excellent decision Tex.

j said...

"As goes California, so goes the nation."

No kidding. Have you seen this? This guy walks around San Diego and gets people to sign a petition to repeal the 1rst Amendment. Because free speech allows people to disagree with the president, dontcha know. And people willingly sign it, murmuring their agreement about needing to shut up the idiots who oppose Obama.

Itz is the best thing that could happen to this worthless country. People this stupid and evil don't deserve anything better.