Sunday, January 17, 2010

U.S. Gold Purloined To Support NWO Currency?

Apparently, the entire national wealth of the United States has been stolen right from underneath them from their own treasury and replaced with phony tungsten bars in order to support a coming world currency.

You couldn't make this stuff up.


Andrew said...

Rather amusing to be bluntly honest - the moral and fiscal values exhibited by today's Americans being as hollow as the gold bars in Fort Knox.

Frankly it's debatable as to whether the American people really ever did own anything or at least for how long - the presidential assassinations and struggles with National Bank/Federal Reserve are signs of this.

As for the year the elite's destructive course took off - I'd say mid 60's just after JFK when the national US debt explodes - it just happens to coincide with "flower power" movement - with the masses being stoned on drugs.

I tend to subscribe to the idea of nation leaders hiding their wealth behind huge corporations nested within corporations - whilst systematically bankrupting their former nation states - and this is without going into the eugenics/satanist/nazi/war profiteering ties.

A shame really the founding fathers warned clearly about all of these scenarios. Ron Paul's calls for auditing are 40 years too late.

Anonymous said...

Well the writing is on the wall for fiat currencies, we will be going back to the days where if you don't have silver and gold, you will mostly likely die or live in a neo-fuedal type servitude for the rest of your days, anybody wishing to pparticipate in civilization will need to have silver and gold or be able to lease it. We will be going back to the days where two gold sovereigns buy a house in the city. And for the morons who say, we cannot go back to silver and gold, its too heavy to carry around', well just imagines 2 million dollars and compare that to the size of half an ounce of gold, they will soon find out how bulky worthless dollars are and how infinitely more valuable precious metals are. Also remember the elites already have 'digital gold', the silver and gold does not have to leave the underground vaults, the value will be issued digitally, but even still for most small transaction silver and gold itself will be money, they will issue the silver and gold in plastic cards, down to 0.1 grams, you will pay a lease rate, then when the card which is the property of the elites is expired or spent or the lease rate cannot be met, the machine just gobbles it up or its confiscated by relevant authorities and it is sent back to the vault who issued it. However silver and gold will also trade freely in this environment, if you have no silver and gold you will have to lease it, but the 'free gold' will operate for the owners of real precious metal, of course they will charge lease rates and with that income will aquire more silver and gold, most likely from poor indebted slaves working round the clock in mines.

Anonymous said...

"Ron Paul's calls for auditing are 40 years too late."

There have always been such calls. It's never too late for anything, until the white race is no more. There will be less than nothing at all to replace it.

Anonymous said...

I call BS on this story and here's why:

"In this test, four small holed are drilled into the gold bars and the metal is then analyzed."

Unlike silver, gold is denser than almost all other metals, hence whether something is made of gold is extremely hard to fake. *Simple determination of weight and volume should be sufficient.* A coin that is the right size but is not gold, or has too much base metal, will be "light"; alternately, a coin that weighs right will be somewhat larger.

Tungsten — Atomic Mass: 183.84

Gold — Atomic Mass: 196.966550