Tuesday, January 5, 2010

These Idiots Don't Have A Clue About What The Planet Has In Store For Them

This will be a Dalton Minimum at the least. After the last gasp in the solar max of 2012, this planet is going to turn into one gigantic human killing ground. Monkeys in manpants will be piled up like cordwood during the winters in the big cities where they depend on oil for heat - and no trucks or trains can get in to deliver it. Here in Australia, we will be sitting on the world's largest natural reserves on Earth with no military to defend it, surrounded by 200 million hostile muslims and slavered over by China, Russia and India in a world where the United States can no longer guarantee the security of any nation.

Gonna get real ugly on this planet even before World War III starts. Real ugly. Pity the men unfortunate enough to live in these times. Especially the ones with no vaults. The background radiation alone will be sufficient to burn the paint off cars. Mind you, this is my way of sugar-coating the really bad news.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

You may already have scanned this, but browse over at "Thunderbolts of the Gods" Earthly geography has perfect analogues across the other rocky planets, the result of EM discharges having blasted their surfaces. Patagonia has "bore-hole lakes" that perfectly resemble plasma arc punch-holes.

Reality bites hard

Wonder if Dormer Engineering (DorEng) over in Murwillumbah, NSW is on the same page as you. Good folk


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Peter Garrett says that recent Australian temperatures are consistent with a graph drawn in blood red sweat collected from the foreheads of a bunch of paranoid delusionists more worried about tying up the peer review process and future tenure than finding out how real scientists, who may actually be looking for the truth, might handle a research project.

The report was consistent with the "unequivocal science view" that global warming was happening as a consequence of human activities, "and it's in our economic and environmental interest to arrest it", he said.

In other words, the Climategate email leak DID NOT happen, and anyway they didn't show anything that you idiots in the general public need to think about as we look after our "economic interests" and tax the arse out of your strides.

Last year was pretty hot, which proves that the fictional propaganda regarding evil humans affecting global temperature was somehow actually bang on the money after all. Apparently, throughout the whole sorry mess of fabrication and cherry picking of data, these geniuses managed to get it 100% right!

The temperature is going up so therefore it's your fault.

Well that's good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

...and there'll be plenty more sweat where that came from. Complete with blood _and_ bullets (which could potentially come in handy if they're backed into a corner.)