Monday, January 4, 2010

Russia Ready To Crash The US/UK Economy?

Sounds like it. Another spike in oil prices right now would hammer the coffin lid shut on the 'Kwa forever.

Australia still believes that the U.S. and UK are empires they can hide behind and chasten outsiders under their umbrella of protection.

The Australian government doesn't know where the hell it is, what year it is or have any idea of what is going on right now in the world. We need to install Tony Abbott as Prime Minister in the short term right away.

Russia and China can break the West any time they are ready to do so.

True north is moving towards Russia in more ways than one. They are starting to look like the little mammals that emerged to rule the world after the dinosaurs became extinct.

Russians are tough. Their people have been purified by hardship like tempered steel. In contrast, the West is like Care Bears during no-limit hunting season.

Losing ... or lost?


Anonymous said...

texas matey, i'm sure i've mentioned it before- stick to yer doctors tablets at the reccommended dosage on the little packet he gave ya. august 08 ffs, and tony fucking abbot in charge of anything more relevant than a hotdog stand??? whisky tango etc?? stay away from experimental street drugs while yer at it.

Anonymous said...

Just found the following information to my files. Thought it might be of use to you too.

Anonymous said...

Whats with all the 2008 stories.

Your mad !! Start living and stop waiting for doom.

Anonymous said...

It's how he trolls when he's not getting enough attention.