Saturday, January 2, 2010

Refusing To Fight Makes You An Anti-Semite

Let's you and him fight. The only opinion you are permitted to express on this issue is nodding your head in agreement. Anything else means you are a Nazi, goose-stepping homoerotic black chaps and boots, silvered insignia and all. It also means your face would melt if you stared at the Ark of the Covenant because ghosts would come out to punish your wickedness. Or worse.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that reminds me.

You have voiced support for The John Birch Society in many posting of yours.

Something interesting about it that I have come across.

One of the members of it was also a member of George Lincoln Rockwell's Nazi Party of America. Which also happened to be funded by the Anti-Defamation League.

To put it quite simply - this may very well have become a Jewish infiltrated organization. I see the website of JBS; it is still true to its original beliefs, but perhaps the elites of the world are probably keeping a good watch on it, and might be trying to reverse its work from within. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

This entire exchange was EERIE. You read the transcript and it's like Einstein arguing with a couple of monkeys.

What it is though is the most complete microcosm of the viewpoints of the neocons, the establishment Dems and Ron Paul, who is in a class by himself. Only one of these people makes even one ounce of logical sense, the other two are like a couple of retards who just drank a bottle of Jim Beam.

And THIS exchange is just the most perfect example of why Anerica is so totally fucked - because it is only the monkeys who have been allowed to have the reins of power. When they come to beg RP for help, it will be much too late.


Texas Arcane said...

The John Birch society was infiltrated and compromised as soon as it started to become effective. It's core premise remains unchanged and uncorrupted. Although it was rendered harmless in later years, nobody bothered to ask Welch to change his earlier writings or revise his predictions.

Welch was right.