Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pervert Planet Is On The March Again

You thought we were kidding when we told you your children would be next on the agenda.

In the last year, Vault-Co has counted four mainstream articles published in large circulation newspapers declaring that sexual abuse of children is not really as bad as it might seem and we need to start looking at pedophiles as people with "sexual" needs like everybody else. If you think they could never succeed with this propaganda, consider eras in Rome and Greece where pederasty was institutionalized and pedophiles were selected to be children's guardians. If they proceed diligently like they have with everything else, eventually they will normalize this behaviour assuming nothing interferes with their agenda.

Teutonic peoples drowned them hastily on the testimony of one child and one supporting witness. That's all it took and men in your village would pull you from your bunk at the crack of dawn, drag you down to the nearest creek and hold you under while the entire tribe watched. The tolerance levels for these crimes was far lower in northern climes than in any other culture that anthropologists have ever studied. In many primitive societies the rape of children is as common as going to the well to draw water. For this very reason, these extremely intolerant and unreasonable northern peoples almost succeeded in genetically engineering pedophilia and related disorders right out of their gene pool.

We missed a couple though before these people transitioned into the Normans and it looks to be making a comeback. I have no doubts the degenerates who manage our institutions can achieve their goal in this regard if they work at it stealthily and patiently during the next generation.


Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane, in your opinion, what kind of a person does it take to patiently sit down and execute a plan of social engineering and a systematic change of values across several generations and grow old just trying to achieve it?

And historically, what examples have you known of such people?

Anonymous said...

I noticed this with the defense of Roman Polanski by his Jewish buddies in the press and in Hollyweird.

Why is it with these people that it is always, "Jews right or wrong"?

Anonymous said...

SBS has a True Horror documentary this past week on a German serial killer who formed the basis for werewolf fiction.

Episode 1: The Werewolf

Part whodunnit, part inside-the-mind-of-a-monster, Werewolf: True Horror dramatises the shocking story that provided the blueprint for cinema’s iconic werewolves.

We all know what to fear when the moon is full, but where did the werewolf legend come from? The villagers of 16th century Bedburg in Germany had always feared the forest that encircled them. This fear was heightened when young girls of the village started going missing. Footprints in the snow led to trails of blood.

Superstitious minds wanted to believe this was the act of a wolf, or even worse, a demonic half-man, half-wolf. The villagers went looking for a beast in the woods, but the creature they were looking for was much closer to home.


More information:

Peter Stumpp (died 1589) was a German farmer, and alleged serial killer and cannibal, also known as the "Werewolf of Bedburg".

His execution is one of the most brutal on record: He was put to the wheel, where flesh was torn from his body, in ten places, with red-hot pincers, followed by his arms and legs. Then his limbs were broken with the blunt side of an axehead to prevent him from returning from the grave, before he was beheaded and burned on a pyre. His daughter and mistress had already been strangled and were burned along with Stumpp's body. As a warning against similar behavior, local authorities erected a pole with the torture wheel and the figure of a wolf on it, and at the very top they placed Peter Stumpp's severed head.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 19-1-2010 7:57 AM

A person motivated by very crude tribal, religious and racial identifications. In human history, these are the only motivations that will drive people to persist with these schemes over very long periods, even ones in which they may not personally live to see the payoff.

Note that one does not have to be sane to persist at these schemes, nor does one have to be working towards a sane or even attainable goal. Often you will find that people who would give too much thought to what they were doing would likely abandon such a project, implying that a certain measure of irrational psychosis is necessary to participate in these kinds of projects over very long periods of time.

The Egyptian pyramids are a good example of multiple generations working on a project together for long periods of time to achieve a goal that if examined would quickly be revealed as mindless rubbish. All that labor on the pyramids to bury the dead to prepare them for their journey in a mythological underworld. All of it ridiculous and a poor allocation of resources, unless one regards it as makework to keep subjects busy in between harvests.

Anonymous said...


Charles Piazzi Smyth the Astronomer Royal for Scotland 1846 - 1888 and Pyramid theorist John Taylor are two of the leading authorites on the Great Pyramid.

"The Great Pyramid: Why was it built? and who built it?" - John Taylor 1859.

"Our Inheritence in the Great Pyramid" Smyth 1864.

"The Great Pyramid: Its secrets and Mysteries revealed" Smyth.

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane, in your opinion, what kind of a person does it take to patiently sit down and execute a plan of social engineering and a systematic change of values across several generations and grow old just trying to achieve it?

And historically, what examples have you known of such people?

The Red Shield
Look it up, you twit.

Texas Arcane said...

Red Shield,

You're kind of a literalist. I answered your question above.

On Vault-Co, sometimes when we are talking about a gun barrel, we might instead use the word "pencil." We might couch many obvious answers in metaphors in order to avoid attracting a little too much attention from search engines and other web shadows. This basically assures we fly at a higher level than most of the population can perceive. Notice how many blogger sites now carry warnings you have to click through to get to them? That's because simply one idiot complained about the semantics on that site. They are now marked as possible "offensive" content because of it.

We're a little brighter than that. We might speak about "bolshevists" and other internal traitors without getting too specific for the same reason. Like the Shadow, we too have the power to cloud men's minds if we don't want them to see us.

Do I need to post a large illustrated diagram for you to understand me?