Monday, January 4, 2010

New National Guard Video For The 'Kwa 2010

Breaking down front doors at gunpoint (dissidents?), relocation of civilians (dissidents?), combat operations in Middle East doing more of the same.

You could drop this into any Robocop film as a satirical spot for the police state and nobody would blink an eye. Spooky, creepy stuff. Remember, the National Guard is not supposed to be a Sturm and Drang enforcement arm for the government. They are guys who clean barracks and wash out toilets on the weekends to earn extra money for school.

Revival of the Hitler Youth oath for the National Guard

The 'Kwa is a doomed nation.

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Andrew said...

It's hard to believe that people fall for this kind of crap over and over, lacking the brain power to see the big picture.

Cue some patriotic music, fancy camerawork - make it look "cool" like an extension of a video game - a shame they don't show pictures of troops with limbs missing, homeless and/or queuing up for sub-standard care.

Assuming you survive - after your service you can look forward to being policed by the next generation of veterans.

The elite sure love to get em' whilst they're young!